Dearest Souls, I Am Yeshua. I come forth today to speak and share on how you can speak to and be guided by Spirit.

Spirit is within all of Creation, it permeates all things from the micro to the macro. Spirit wishes to guide and steer you in the best direction for your own personal growth, the betterment of those around you and dear Mother Earth.

What some of you have done, most of the time unconsciously, is you have blocked Spirit out. Therefore, you are being guided by your Ego Mind with its wants, not by the essence of your BEing and its needs.

What you are being asked of during these challenging times is to remember your soft inner voice, not the loud boisterous one, the one that does not demand and beg you, the one that whispers to you through insights and synchronicities.


 Allow this quite voice to once again guide you, for it is greatly needed in these changing times.


Allow yourself to rest within your Heart Space and let this soft voice speak to you…

Become quiet… Let Spirits words and energy encompass you… Listen dear ones…

Allow this soft, caring and calming voice to speak to you… As you sit within your heart space ask yourself; What is it that Spirit wishes me to hear in this moment?

Allow Spirit to speak to you… Listen… Remember what it feels like to talk to Spirit…


Remember the tone of Spirits voice and the energy it carries… It is soft and gentle, not demanding or intrusive. Allow yourself to rest within this space… Take note of any messages to flow into your consciousness… Remember…


This is all about remembering now. Remembering who you are and what you came here to do. Remembering your connection to Spirit, your Ancestors and Guides. Remember dear ones.


Many of you have become caught up in the unfolding drama and chaos of the old world and forgotten your connection. You have forgotten what it feels like to be free and talk to Spirit, to feel the gentle guidance that is always there. Come back into your heart dear ones and remember. Allow for the memories to resurface. Allow for the feelings of liberation to come back. Allow yourself to remember that you are ALWAYS free. It is only you, who can limit your freedom. For all the system can do is make you think you are not free, to make you feel small and limited. The system cannot think for you, it can only make you create your own box and place yourself in it.


Let go dear ones and remember you are always free.


Allow the calming voice of Spirit to guide you and not the demanding voice of those who think they are in power, for I tell you, they are not in power. They are not in control, although they wish it to seem that way, we have taken back control of most of your government systems, and you are now witnessing their final thrashes before all are totally removed.


You need not wait for this to occur, for the more you stand in your power, your truth, your freedom, the sooner all the events you wish for can manifest. You are the Creators of this story, so it is up to you how you go about this.


Know, the more you commune with Spirit and allow it to guide you, the more peaceful and positive this transition will be.


I Am Yeshua. We are close to you dear ones, closer than we have been in a long, long time. The more you can believe this, the more you will feel and see our presence. Let go of the doubt dear sisters, dear brothers. Let go of the worrying things are not unfolding the way they should, for I, Yeshua, tell you now, that things are unfolding exactly as they need be. For it is you dear ones that are unfolding it.


You are the change makers, the way showers and the guides on the ground.nFor if you were not in the awakened state you are, there would be no change.


You came here to be and create this change, so you must live and acknowledge this every single day. You must wake up with the drive to be the change, but you must also allow the change to unfold naturally and in Divine Time. You cannot force this change, although you can certainly speed it up, and you do this by embracing what I have shared.

Things are as they need be, although you may see it as turmoil and chaos, use your Divine Vision, your inner vision, to see as we do. For we do not see it as chaos and destruction, we see it as a great sweeping change of awakening and remembrance.

Be this energy dear ones. Live it in each moment, for that is how you bring about all that you dream of and envision. You are the changemakers and the way showers. Live this truth, for you are this truth.

I AM Yeshua. I send my love and blessings to all. We know you are more than capable of creating this change, we know that you have already created this change, it is up to you now to believe this to be so.



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