Why the want to “go home”, when you are home? 


Why do you seek a “better” place? Why do you feel the need to “leave” your Earth expression and return “home”?


We use quotation marks here to emphasise these subjects.


Go. Home. Better. Leave.


Ponder these words for a moment and feel what arises within you… Read each word and feel what thoughts arise. What emotions or feelings are surfacing? Breathe into these four words.


Do not breathe them into your BEing but breathe yourself into the word and see what it means for you. What stirs within you?


What do the words go, leave, better and home mean to you? Can you feel the energy that is forming as you do this?


We ask that you do this, because the energy that you are feeling as you ponder these words, this energy IS home. The energy that brings these words, thoughts, feelings, and emotions into creation, IS home.


For you are always home dear ones. You have never, ever left your home. For how can you leave creation? How could you separate yourself from the ever connected, ever present source of creation? It is simply not possible.


For to be separate from Source, from Creation, means you are non-existent. For there cannot be anything of and in this universe, which does not originate from Source. Ponder this….


Even mainstream science says this. If everything that exists in your known universe came from a single origin, a single moment of creation and expansion, then how can anything outside of this creative source exist? Think about it for a moment…


If everything in your known universe came from a creative and expansive event, keyword everything, then how can something exist without connection to the original source? Simply put, it cannot.


The reason we ask that you reflect on these words, statements and their meanings to you is, we wish for you to know and understand that you have never left your home. Not once, ever, left your home. You may have had or are having different experiences, lives, and realities where it feels as if there is no home, that home is in a distant galaxy or star system far away and that you must return to it to feel more than you are in this moment. That going back to this “home” will bring comfort and a feeling that you think you are unable to find in your current reality.


We do not wish to be harsh here, but we must say that these scenarios are not true. They are deceptions and false beliefs created by the lower ego and reinforced by those who wish to keep you locked in a state of feeling alone and homeless, helpless, and disconnected.


They are untrue because you have never left home and the thought or concept of needing to return to your star system, galaxy or planet that feels familiar to you, is only reinforcing separation, is it not?


The reason you feel the need to “return” to these places is because you hold the memory of your evolved state of consciousness within you. You have already discovered home in your experiences and lifetimes in these systems. Your human expression cannot yet grasp the true concept of “home,” but it does know how to draw upon these memories and then interpret them as to what home is.


You must begin to know and understand that you need not seek home in the external world, for you will not find it. To seek home in the external world is to forever chase something that does not exist. Home is not, and never will be, in the external world. Stop seeking something outside of you that has always existed within you. Come home to YOU dear one.


Come home to your true source, your true connection that has not, and will not leave you.


Remember who you are. Remember you are your home. You ARE the creative source. You have ALWAYS been the creative source.


Your thoughts, words, intentions, and actions ARE the creative source. If you can remember this and undeniably know it as truth, then you will never feel alone again, for you will know that to be alone is utterly impossible.


We love you dear family, but we wish for you to no longer look to the stars as home but look to your inner star as home. The more you can do this, the more you will remember us, and you will then soon awake from the dream of being away from home.


We are the Andromedan Collective. We are patiently waiting at home for you.

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