Why so serious?

A question asked by one of films most well-known villains.

Although a villain, it is a very relevant and important question for the times we are now in.

We are being asked to ponder this potent question. Why so serious?

Why do we take life so seriously to the point all we do is worry and stress?

As humans, we have a habit of taking things so seriously that we lose the fun in life, for we are too worried about doing this or that or living up to some standard or expectation.

Why so serious?

Why so serious, when something that is here today could be gone tomorrow? Something that we are worried or stressed about today, can be a distant memory tomorrow, or even today. For we are creating our experience moment by moment.

Why must we take things so seriously to the point that worry, stress and anxiety consume us? Why can we not just enjoy life to the fullest in each and every moment? Seeing any challenge or obstacle as a tool for greater growth and expansion, then finding the fun and joy these challenges can bring.

The more we can do this, the more we can find joy and fun in even the most challenging circumstances, the stronger our power becomes and the easier it is to jump these hurdles.


Over the next few days, we are being asked to really ponder this question; Why so serious?


We are being asked to let that question guide us, to aspects and situations in our life where we are taking things too seriously to the point it is having a negative impact on our lives, relationships, families and our physical body.

As we ponder this question, also see the aspects of our lives that are full of joy, fun and laughter. Even if things in your life appear dark and convoluted, there is something there that can put a smile on your face. There is something in your life that makes you laugh. There is something in your life that makes you happy. Will you acknowledge this? Or will you deny it and continue to create the illusion of “Everything is fucked, and the world is a dark, sad place”?

The choice is ALWAYS, ALWAYS ours. No one can make choices for us. We can be manipulated into making a choice that another wants, but ultimately, we are still the one who is making the choice.

Take time today, and every day, to make the choice to see joy, laughter and fun in your life, because if we don’t, the polarities of these will consume us and take us to a place that is very tough to get back from.

I love you all so much. If you think there is no one that loves you, that’s a lie, because I do. If any of you are doing it tough, feeling lost or overwhelmed by everything, reach out to me and send me an email. I will always respond and do my best to comfort or reassure you. Trust me, I’ve been to that dark place many a times, so I know how it feels to be there, I can relate.

Never hesitate to reach a hand out to someone, even if it is just to ask, “Is everything ok?”, because even that seemingly small question, can be enough to change another’s life.

My Siters, my Brothers, I love you all so much and we will see this shit show through. Stay focused and determined to create a better world for not only some, but every person, animal, plant and mineral on dear Mother Earth.

We’ve got this, stay strong.

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