Why I Created This Site

The purpose of this website –


The reason I have created this website, is to help share my Gifts from Spirit. I have spent countless hours dedicating myself to expanding my consciousness and the way I AM able to receive and interpret messages from Spirit.


When I use the term “Spirit” please know that I AM referring to the countless helpers we have, that are located just beyond our physical reality. I use the term “Spirit” as a broader reference to our team that is always surrounding us. This team can be comprised of our Galactic brothers and Sisters, Ascended Masters, Elementals, Dragons and Ancestors. The term “Spirit” is just an easy way to make sure no one is left out 😉


I now use this website as a platform and way to help share the beautiful messages I channel, around the world. I see that I have many visitors to my site from across the planet, and for that, I AM so grateful. It was one of my goals to be able to channel messages, which I achieved in a relatively short time and little did I know, that in this short amount of “time” would I also be sending them around the world.


It is now my goal to be able to provide personal messages, of guidance and support, to anyone who seeks me out. I have created my Personal Readings page solely for this purpose and it only grows and expands as I do. If you wish for a sample of my writing style, please visit my Channelled Messages page for a rough guide on how my Personal Readings will be written.

My gratitude, thanks and blessings to All.



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