PLEASE NOTE – I will now be starting to provide the messages I channel in written format and also in a new audio format. For the audio format, my partner Jodie will be playing some of her instruments she is guided to, while reading out the message. This gives an opportunity to connect more with the message being shared and also to relax, let go and reconnect in these turbulent times. We hope you enjoy. Love and Light. Zane and Jodie.


Mother Earth Audio Message –



Greetings dearest children, I AM Mother Earth and it is in these times of great change and release of the old, I wish to share these words of comfort and support with you.

In this moment and the ones to come, the old systems and structures will be collapsing, falling apart, and this is exactly what you are now witnessing on a global scale.  As the foundations, of a world built on lies and deceit crumble, you are being called on now, more than ever, to be the beacons and pillars of light, in a world that seems so dark and lost.

There is much dross and negative energy coming to the surface now, not so much for those of you who are reading or listening to this, as you have been doing the inner work for quite some time. Who I speak of here, are the ones who will be joining you on this journey forward, but are yet to begin the inner work of releasing and healing their wounds and trauma. This is the stage you have now moved into.

These periods, of isolation and shutdown, are requiring people to shift their focus from daily routines, that have been so ingrained into their system, they have no sense of what true reality is, only the false one they have been entrenched in. So, what this current phase is doing, is shifting people from a routine that is old and outdated and moving them into something that is entirely new. What these times will then do, is force people to examine what is within, what their reality has been based on, and this will cause many to not like what they find, and then realize they are believing in something that was forced upon them. This will then cause a great release of energies, from both within their BEing and also my own. Know that all your creations, your thoughts, feelings and emotions whilst on Earth, are also stored within my cells, just as they are stored in your cellular memory, they are held in mine. For I perceive the totality of my BEing, I perceive all that occurs on and within me, meaning I also carry and hold the energies that accompany these lives.

So dear ones, my point is; as all this work is being done, you all must hold the vibration of peace and harmony within you, for many are to become lost in what they find, so it is your light, your peace and your harmony they will sense then feel, when going through the darkness. You are now collectively entering “The Dark Night of the Soul”. Most of you reading or listening to this, have been through this process, but it is now to begin on a collective level. This means the energies from these people, starting their inner work, will be floating amongst the collective. So, my dearest ones, my lights in the darkness, it is your duty to now stay as calm, peaceful, compassionate and loving as you possibly can be. This means you have love and compassion for all those who feel lost, like there is no hope for a brighter future. It means having compassion and love, for all those who will be brought out of the darkness, for the crimes they have committed, you must love these ones too, as there is going to be much anger and hate which arises, when their crimes are made public.

So dear ones, through all this, through this dark night of the Earth Collective, you must hold these vibrations for as long as you can. The more you can walk in peace, harmony and hold compassion and love for all, the quicker and easier this process will be. Remember my beloveds, you are here to do this, you are here Now, in this moment, in the position you are, so you can do exactly this. You must remain in a state of peace and harmony, as WE move through this process. I say, WE, because we are in this together. I AM here experiencing this with you, I will even say that I Am experiencing this with over 7 billion of you on my surface. I feel and see you all dear ones. It is hard to comprehend this in your current state of awareness, but try to imagine what it would be like, to not only feel and be a part of your reality, but to also feel and be a part of over 7 billion realities, all at once. I say this, to try and give you an idea of the love I have for all of you, for the compassion I have for all of you, that I have allowed this many BEings on my body, to see and feel you all, to nurture and love you all, as my children.

You are me dear ones, and I Am you. Acknowledge this, then use this compassion and love I hold for you all, to take within your own heart and do the same for your fellow humans, who are to now begin their own healing journey. I have unconditional love for all of you my dear ones, even those that seek to take my body as their own, to use me for the resources I produce, I love them unconditionally, I hold no anger or fear towards them, just love and compassion. This is the same love and compassion you all must hold now dear ones. These are the moments you have all been preparing for, that you have all waited for, the moment is here now dear ones, so please, make it as simple and easy as possible, by holding the vibration of love.
Love is the key to this entire process, for without love, there would be no more, but love has prevailed, and it is love that will see you through this, with as much ease and grace as possible.

I love you all so much and hold you in my heart space. Connect now with my heart, my pink crystalline core. Let my energies encompass you, let them soothe and nurture you and in turn, I ask that you do the same for all those around you. We are in this together dear one’s, as One BEing, One planet, all moving through this motion, flowing with the eternal movement of the Universe within.

All is well dear one’s, we are all where we are meant to be. Have no fear, for salvation is here. I AM Mother Earth. I love you dearly.

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