Please Note: The picture used is not of EnReeTah, but is given as a example of how She and many Arcturians appear. This beautiful image has been created by Vashta Narada, you can find more of her amazing work here –


My warmest greetings to you, my dear brothers and sisters. I AM EnReeTah of the Arcturian Council, as always it is a pleasure to speak to you in these times of great change and movement.

As you move through these coming weeks, that lead you into your year 2020, there will be many energy bursts released from the Great Central Sun. These energies are now shifting up a gear as you move toward your New Year. As these energies shift up a gear, so too does your consciousness, for all is One, and as one shifts so too does the other. With these energies, and as your consciousness shifts, it also brings to the surface that which has been in the darkness. That is the case now, as you are all seeing many truths revealed, and so, this is a good indication of your consciousness and the energies also rising.

These outer events are a perfect guide, for what you are shifting and changing within yourself, for as you know, all is a reflection of Self. So, as the various truths surface and become widely known, know that this is reflecting the inner knowing of your own truth. For many of you who read these words, already know the outer truths and that which lies in the darkness, it is not these truths that are revealed to those awakened, it is the inner truth being revealed and it plays out in the form of the seeming “outer truths”. So, as you all head into the final weeks of 2019, know these truths, now coming to the light, reflect your own inner truth, coming into your consciousness.

I EnReeTah, congratulate all of you on the front lines, and all of you who have done the hard work in search of these truths. It is not easy to be at the front of this shift, but we knew that you would be able to accomplish such a feat. It is through your heart, inner knowing and search for the truth that you have all prevailed, and are now turning into the great Beings of light that you are. There is not one of you who reads these words, that is not an advanced Soul, who chose to come here in service of the All and the uplifting of an entire planet.

Bravo dear ones, we all salute and applaud you as you all go about your chosen duties, no matter how small or large they may seem.

Those that think you do little and just help those around you and in your area, are doing just as much as those who are on the “world stage” bringing about changes, no matter what your position or your tasks, you are ALL doing exactly what you came here to do, and we are all in joy at what you have accomplished. Hold tight during the coming weeks dear ones, as things may get a little rocky as these truths reveal themselves, but know you have the full support of your team of Angels and Guides, plus all of your Star Brothers and Sisters who surround your beautiful planet in this Now.

I AM EnReeTah and I send the thanks of Arcturus and our entire system, along with all the other cheer squads, who are so happily assisting each and every one of you. We love you dearly our sweet family. It is time.



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