If you take but a moment to scan over these points, it is not hard to see;

humanity and the planet were purposely divided and separated in so many ways.

* Race

* Religion

* Gender

* Money

* Material Possessions

* The have and have not.

* Countries divided into states with imaginary borders.

* Different rules and regulations for each.

* Different Govt. parties for each.

* Each party saying how good they are and how bad the other is.

* People who are meant to be leaders who argue worse than school kids.

* Awake, asleep

* Sports teams

* Supporter vs Enemy

* Buff, skinny, overweight

* Good looking or ugly


And it goes on and on and on. It is all the above and more which is keeping people against one another, judging one another or ridiculing another.

If every person would stop and realise, within their heart space, that we have all been birthed into this reality, by a Divine Mother. Our bodies are made of the same parts, to provide the same functions. We all breathe the same air and walk on the same Earth, whether in one country or another.

So, why should any of the above separation tactics make us that much different to another, to the point people are killed, beaten or abused because of it?

We are all here, on Earth, in a physical human body, to experience, live and learn. The only difference is the journey we go on and path we take, and for that we should have compassion, love and forgiveness for one another, not hate, anger or jealousy. These emotions and feelings stem from fear and the more we live in fear, the more divided we are, which makes it easier to control and manipulate people.

Let go of fear and have compassion for our fellow brothers and sisters. Whether “rich/poor, hot/ugly, buff/thin, believer/non-believer” it does not matter, they are nothing but labels.

Have mercy and forgiveness for those who appear to have done wrong. For it is the ones who act from extreme anger, rage or hate, that are most fearful. They too are also on a journey, on a chosen path, just as are those who are peaceful, humble and happy are.

At the end of the day, the violent one and the peaceful one share the same purpose; to experience a life and journey on Earth and to learn and grow from it.

Peace is not created from hate and anger.

Only when all our “differences” are set aside, when all are seen and accepted as equal BEings, experiencing a life on Earth, only then will peace prevail.

Where We Go One, We Go All.



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