Dearest ones, I Am Yeshua, or as I have become known, Jesus Christ.

I Am here today, to speak through this one, to pass on a message about my teachings and how they have been twisted and warped to the point they are almost unrecognizable from my original teachings.

Dear ones, when I came here for my incarnation as the one known as Jesus Christ, I did not come with the intention of being a saviour or someone to be worshiped. I came with the intention of being a teacher and a guide for those who were seeking freedom, those that were seeking freedom from the restraints that this illusory world has placed over you. My teachings were intended to help people understand that all you seek is within, that the God you seek is within. I did not come to be someone who is idolized or put upon a pedestal, and I certainly did not come to start any religions. I came to be a way shower, to show others and those that would listen, that God is within each and every person upon the Earth. But sadly during the times gone by, my teachings have been warped and twisted into something that would say God is someone who is outside of you and someone you should look up to, just as I, Yeshua, have been made into someone to be worshiped.

Dear ones, do not worship me, for you are me! And to worship me or put me on a mantle is to say that I Am above you, which is most certainly not true, I Am within each and every one of you and we are all equal. Do not place me above yourself dear ones, for I Am not greater than you are, we were born in the image of God as equal and infinite, just as God is.

What I came to teach is that salvation can only be found by going within. I Am not your saviour; each individual is responsible for their own salvation. I came to teach you how to save yourself, I did not come here to save you, for no one can save you but you. It is up to each person to find salvation, and that is done by going within and remembering your connection to God, remembering that your personal connection to God has ALWAYS been there, you have merely forgotten it, but that is part of the journey and the reason for this game, so you could experience what it was like to be seemingly separate from God and then to find your way home, and home is within dear ones, it always has been.

For there is no true separation from God, only the illusion of it, and I will tell you right now, that each and every person upon the Earth has their own connection to God, for God is All, God is within everything.

There is no such thing as sin dear ones, for to believe in sin, is to believe that we The Company of Heaven or God judges you, and that is simply not true. For God does not judge, God only loves and forgives. Sin is something that has been created to keep you trapped in guilt, and guilt is a very potent emotion that keeps you stuck in the illusion. So, the more “sin” you think you have, the more guilt you carry and therefore the more you are bonded to the illusion, the illusion being a seemingly separate form from God, when in truth dear ones, you ARE God.

For God chose to experience what it was like to be in a different state than unconditional love and peace, and so creation began, and many different lifeforms and situations began to be created.

So dear ones, can you see how my original teachings have been twisted to make you think that I Am here to save you from your sins and that God is a superior Being that judges and condemns people to “hell”? For hell is also a false construct, it is a false construct to also keep people in fear, fear that because of their “sins” they will be going to “hell” and so the cycle of guilt continues even upon the hour of one’s apparent passing. It keeps people in a state of fear of death, for these people think these apparent “sins” are causing them to suffer in the afterlife, when that is completely false. The closest thing to hell is the current reality you reside in, the illusion, that is the closest thing to hell.

And so dear ones, I will finish by saying, I Am NOT your saviour, I did NOT come here to save you, I came here to teach you how to save yourself. Only YOU can save YOU, no one can save you but yourself, it is that simple. God is not coming to save you, and neither am I, and the longer you think someone is coming to save you, the longer you will be trapped in the illusion. You must save yourself dear ones, and you do that by going within and remembering your connection to God has ALWAYS been there, and then you live by example.

Go now dear ones, go within and find that connection to me, that connection to God and I can tell you now, that once you find it and remember it, a state of peace and bliss will wash over you. You are so loved children, NEVER think you are not loved, or you are less than, you are ALL God and you are ALL loved unconditionally. I Am your loving brother Yeshua or Jesus as I have become know, but my name is not important, it is my message and my love for you that matters most.

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