Greetings dearest ones,  We are The Galactic Federation of Light, and We wish to share with you in this moment.


Many of you are starting to realise and see, that everything is reaching a crescendo on the global scene, especially within you political sphere.  There has been much work behind the scenes, and this is the work, now beginning to make its way into the public eye.


For as we say many times,  all is not as it seems.


But you are to soon see that work, from behind the scenes, as it is brought into the light,  into the awareness or consciousness of humanity.  For there are several things to now unravel, that are to shake the foundations of what the illusion was constructed on.  There are to be many things revealed, that are to make people realise, they have been believing in a false construct, a false narrative, that has largely been generated and engineered by your MSM.


This is one of the first false constructs that will now unravel,  as you are aware,  the lies are already being shown and revealed for what they are, and that is false information. It is this false information and programming, that has kept the majority of the planet under a spell. Yes, it is very much a spell that has been cast over you. This is done very cleverly, through the various news outlets and this false information, mixed with the many negative frequencies that are generated, has been the perfect recipe to keep a planet asleep and unaware, of who you are and why you are here.


But this spell is about to be undone, and those that cast the spell are not happy about this.


It is, as this spell is undone,  a wave will sweep across the planet, this will trigger the awakening within many individuals, and it is through this wave, your work will begin, work of answering the questions, that these newly awakened souls will have. For the veil is to be lifted for many, that is something very exciting and we are very pleased to announce, that it is time for the veil, the veil that is still there for those asleep, is about to be raised just a little bit, just enough for them to realise that there is much more to life, than what they have been told.


We are here now in great numbers, to assist those of you, who are already well aware of these truths. We are here to assist you and provide you with the energies and information, that you require, to lend a helping hand, to those who are about to receive a rude awakening.


The time is Now dear ones! Yes, you have heard this time and time again,  but as you are all aware,  there cannot be much more, before the truth explodes into public awareness, and that truth balloon is about to burst.


Stay grounded, and remember that one of the reason’s you are here, in this moment, and well ahead of the pack, is to assist those  who come looking for answers. Those of you who are reading this message, are well aware of the truth and you have more than enough information, to assist the newly awakened. If you feel stuck,  just call upon your guides and ask for assistance, it is always there,  but you must ask.


We are the Galactic federation of Light, made up of many councils from Star Systems across the Galaxy, and we are more than ready to begin the next phase of the ascension process. Be excited,  be in love and joy, for there is so much coming for all of you, that is to be a blessing.


Do not fear or doubt,  trust and love dear ones,  it is the remedy to darkness.

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