G’Day everyOne. I hope you are all moving through these turbulent times, with as much ease as possible. On a personal level, September has certainly been a month of revealing and releasing, to say the least. That is why I AM sharing today, to detail an experience I have personally been through, to provide a perspective which we all can relate to.

As you are aware, we are currently going through a GIANT purge, both within and on a collective level. This is now called the Dark Night of the Collective. For we are all going through this, in so many ways and forms. Even those who are unaware of this, are still experiencing it, but not on a conscious level. This can cause great confusion and pain. Be grateful for the fact that we are consciously aware of what is occurring. I AM sure most of us can observe those who are not aware of this and the turmoil they are going through.

We are continually on a path of growth and expansion, whether we feel like we are expanding or not. This is why we are purging so many energies, emotions, thoughts and feelings, for we cannot take them forward any longer. Time to let go of all the dross and drama we have been carrying, whether from this life or past lives. It is not an easy task, but when you are conscious of what you are going through, it makes it much easier. I had the perfect experience on Wednesday, to demonstrate how this can play out.

I was working away at my business, when suddenly I started to have many terrible thoughts and feelings arise. This has occurred many times before, but it felt different, I felt much more aware of what was occurring. As I was going about my work, I started thinking “This is f***ed.. I AM so sick of this struggle to live.. I AM so tired of having to do this energy work, of having to raise my vibration, to do the clearing and healing.. This is all too hard.. I’ve had enough and I really don’t care anymore”.

These thoughts and feelings kept surfacing. There was one part of me whispering “Just allow for it to surface, but don’t hold on to it”. Another part wanted to feed off of these emotions and feelings, the lower part of my being saying “Yes, you do hate your life.. This IS all shit and who really gives a f**k.. Just give up on everything”. So here I was, trying to go about my day, while two aspects of me were playing tug-of-war within…

It was a rollercoaster day to say the least. I even sent my partner a message saying “I can’t be bothered with all this shit. Nothing’s ever going to change”. But on this day, there was something different within me, there was much more clarity and assurance about what was occurring. An overwhelming feeling of “Just let it surface and before you know it, it shall be gone” was present.

It was time to let my Higher Self take the wheel, I said to my Lower Self “Nope, not today.. I’ve been letting you trick me for far too long”. So I moved through the motions. I allowed myself to feel shitty. I allowed myself to get angry, to have a few outbursts of anger and sadness, but what got me through was simply not holding on to any of it.

The key was to see and acknowledge that part of me that wanted to feed off these lower vibrations, and then to stand up to it and say no! To say no, I will not let my ego get energised from these things, I AM going to release them.

What greatly assisted was, to remove myself from the workplace for a short period, so I took my doggie for a walk in the park. This helped me to get out of the bubble of energy and emotion I had created within the workplace. To shift my focus and attention to what is natural and peaceful.

This was a long day to say the least, but it was a day of clarity and realisation. I was able to clearly see the part of me that wanted to hold on to all this dross and baggage. Then I was able to realise that it is much easier to just move through the motions and release all that is coming up, rather than let them take over and consume me.

Acknowledging, Realising and Releasing are the keys. ARR!!!

This process started around 9am, usually if I let my ego have its way, it can last for 2-3 days, but by the afternoon I had well and truly moved through it, arriving home to my partner a much more balanced and happy person than who she got a text off just hours earlier.

Why I wish to share this with you is; we still have quite a lot of purging to do, for the truth has not even gone mainstream yet. Think how many are out there who still don’t know the half of it? Once the truth has made it fully into the mainstream media, then we will know that the end is near. Until then, we will continue to reveal and release much from within. If you are only a first timer on the Earth, with little baggage from this life, then you most likely made a choice to do this on behalf of the collective and our dear Mother Earth.

We are ALL going through this is one way or another, and to say that you have nothing left to clear, is to deny the service work to be done on behalf of Mother Earth. We are all in this together and no part is too little.

This has been the month of September; everything coming up to be exposed then released. Sorry to say, but October will be much the same, except we will have much more clarity and understanding about what is occurring. As Archangel Metatron said in my previous message, light codes will be sent forth to assist us in finding much more clarity and understanding with what is occurring. To also understand more about who we are at a soul level.

Please do not stress or worry, for that only creates more issues. Instead, do your best to be the observer, observe what is occurring, both within and globally. Observe from the viewpoint of your Higher Self. See it for what it is; a time of revealing, releasing and healing of all wounds from past, present and future.

As the Guides and I keep saying; do NOT get caught up in the drama unfolding, on a political and global level. Do not get caught up in this side or that side, right or wrong, good and bad, for that is choosing to remain in duality consciousness. Instead, see everything as a play, with each person acting out their chosen role, doing what they came here to do. See the drama as a grand healing and purging of all that has been, a final release so we are able to move forward into unity consciousness.

Allow yourself to observe what is occurring. Be conscious that there may be another part of you, that wishes to play on these emotions and wants to empower them. Acknowledge and love this part of you, but do not allow it to do so. Move through what is occurring as an observer, conscious that you are always in control. It is your choice whether you react to what is occurring or acknowledge and release.

Remember, we are always in control of our reality and we must be responsible for the choices we make and the path we choose to follow. Be conscious, aware, observe and ARR. These are the keys that will get us through this.

May the next month bring you clarity, healing and blessings.


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