Greetings dear ones. We are the Sirian High Council. We come forth a day late, but none the less, the message remains the same.

Our messages to you are always going to be about growth and forward movement. Even at times when it may feel as if you are going backwards, you are still growing. Sometimes backwards steps are needed. They are needed at times when you must observe something in your life that has been hindering you. You must take a step back into what is not serving you, and really observe what is occurring in the moment and see if it is a place that you want to be, or a situation you really need be involved with.

What we wish to share with you today is about becoming the detached observer.


What is a detached observer?


A detached observer is when you can place yourself in situation whether it be with work, friends, family or a lover, and you are able to look at the bigger picture from a perspective of non-attachment and observation. This requires great trust and confidence. You must trust and be confident that you can enter this situation and remain the observer, for it is once you become emotionally involved, you are no longer an observer, you are now the experiencer.

What we suggest to those of you reading these words, who may realise a situation, habit or relationship that requires attention, we ask that you go into it with the intention of detaching and observing. What you must understand is, you need to set this intention when you know you are headed into one of these moments.

Once you realise that a moment that requires your attention is to soon occur, for you can all sense when they are about to arise, say to yourself –

“I intend to only observe in this moment, I choose not to react, but watch, listen and observe.”


Then, when the moment arises, you must focus on only observing it. This means listening carefully to all involved, paying close attention to the tone of their voice, body language and what they are communicating. Observe what feelings are involved for all parties. Observe what feelings and thoughts may be arising within yourself. It is ok for you to have thoughts and feelings arise, but you must stay detached from them, not react from them. This is especially important. You must only observe your thoughts, feelings and emotions that arise and not react from them. It is once you react, you are no longer the observer. Then, if necessary, you must also communicate from this place of observation.

Why we ask you to do this is, so you can remain in a place of neutrality during these moments. You are then able to leave it with much more information than if you become emotionally involved. You can then gather all the information related to a situation, then process it with clarity and understanding. This allows you to learn and understand whether it is serving you to continue in this way, or if there needs to be changes made.

There are far too many outcomes to explain here, but we will give an overall view on how you can navigate this process.

Once you have been the observer, you will easily know how it feels to be involved with whatever it may be. You can see, instead of experience, all the pros and cons that arise. This means you can clearly evaluate the information gathered, then decide how you must proceed. It is when you continue being emotionally involved, that your vision is foggy, and you struggle to gain clarity. Because the emotions are directly involved, they sway your consciousness back and forth and make it much harder to think clearly or make rational decisions.

Once you have gathered the necessary information, you can then ask yourself questions such as – “Does this person have my best interests at hand?” “Are they helping me grow?” “Do I feel fulfilled and happy?” “Is this healthy for my body, mind and spirit?”. Once you receive the answers to these questions, you must then evaluate them, then take the necessary steps.

If you have situations that keep arising in your life, that you struggle to gain clarity around, this tool is the solution. You may not become the observer on your first attempt, but that is ok. Because what this teaches is, neutrality. Neutrality does not simply occur in an instant, it requires practice and discipline. But like everything; practice makes perfect.

We are the Sirian High Council. We trust that many of you will benefit from these words, as there are many currently facing these situations. The less emotionally attached you become, the more you observe and gather information, greater is the clarity you gain and the clearer your guidance becomes.

Peace, love and blessings from Sirius and beyond.

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