Testimonials for Zane’s Personal Readings

“Zane was able to confirm many things for me, and the messages I received, were filled with love and many truths, including activation’s” – Christine

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Personal Reading
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by Sheburra on Personal Reading
Personal Reading

Through Zane, I received a very warm and loving message from Gaia! Thank you. The positive ripple affect has been empowering not only for myself but for others around me as well.

by Simon on Personal Reading
Testimonials for Zane’s Personal Readings

Zane's messages resonate with energies of universal truth superimposed with the love and light to allow a directed and targeted flow to the recipient. The activation is done as you allow this energy to take hold and usually this necessitates reading the message more than once. I was quite honored to receive an activation message through Zane.

by Ricardo Romero on Personal Reading

Zane is a kind hearted soul. He has an amazing gift and can truly channel what you need at the moment and time. His reading resonated with me 100%. He allowed me to learn a bit about my Galactic history and who I am as a collective and soul spark. Thank you for helping me remember a piece of my self that I have forgot in this dream. Ashtar and the great brotherhood of light are closer to me now. It's good to know I am on track on this collective ascension journey and I am doing my part. It gave me a boost to keep going.

by David on Personal Reading

Wonderful message from Ashtar! I burst into tears reading it. There was certainly a powerful loving activation embedded in that message.

by Christine on Personal Reading
Very loving and accurate readings!

I thoroughly enjoyed all my interactions with Zane! He was very prompt in his responses to any questions I had. You can tell he really cares. 🙂 There was a little bit of a mix up with email addresses
in the beginning, however Zane resolved and ironed everything out quickly.

The messages that came through from the Arcturians and St. Germain, were exactly what I had been searching to do for months now. Zane was able to confirm many things for me, and the messages I received, were filled with love and many truths, including activations. I am so happy he is able to provide these services to the world. He is truly gifted.

Thank you again to Zane and his team. ❤️❤️❤️


by Dani on Personal Reading
Zane's Gifts are Incredible!

Zane's channelled message was powerful, not only in the worded message, but in the energy the message contained. What felt like an integration continued for days and weeks after, a gentle and nurturing assurance and peaceful energy could be felt. The message was so fitting with my experience, I was in awe as I read it, captivated by the relevance to my life situation. The layers of meaning and insight have unfolded gently and have assisted me greatly at this time of my life. Zane’s gifts are incredible! Highly recommended.

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