Greetings dearest family, I AM Ashtar and it is with honour I greet you all today. It is with such love in my heart, for each and every one of you, that I share these words, to those of you who are guided to them. The honour I have for you all is immeasurable, it cannot be expressed in you limited words, yet I ask that you feel my presence, as you read and resonate to what I AM sharing.

The times you have entered are certainly trying times, to say the least. You are all faced with many trials and tribulations, and you are all moving through them as best you can. As has been said through this one before, that what this period of isolation is doing, is sending people within, into the silence, where they must either face what they find, or continue to run from it. We are in such joy, to see how so many of you are battling through the dross that has been hidden within, and then actively taking steps to clear and remove this from your life. Now, this is not going to be the case with all those who find these hidden thoughts, feelings or emotions, there are still many who will choose to run from these and that is totally fine, that is their choice and they are not being forced to do anything they don’t want to. But to those of you who are moving through this dark night of the collective, or should I say moving into, this dark night, kudos to you all for having the courage to do the dirty work, the work of sorting through all these unpleasant memories, thoughts and feelings, and then actively healing and releasing them. Know that, if this is the path you have chosen, we are here in great numbers to support you energetically, in doing so. As you know, we cannot do the work for you, this is your job, for it is your inner world. Yet we can be here to assist in clearing energies, to clear your meridians and energy fields, so that this work can be carried out with much more ease and flow. Call upon us, call upon me, Ashtar, and your many other guides and angels. Call upon Archangel Michael or Saint Germain, they are very good in assisting in this area of work.

And so, the main topic I wish to share upon today, is the place you are now moving into. In the coming weeks and months, there are going to be many truths revealed and many announcements made. These truths and announcements, are all part of the future you are co-creating and these will pertain to many dealings that have been done in the shadows. These shadows have proven very good hiding places, until now. With the amount of Creator Light now streaming into the planet, it is growing harder by the day for these dark ones to remain in the shadows, and because of your most recent Mass Meditation, the one conducted on the 4/4 gateway, an enormous amount of light was released in that moment, from the Great Central Sun. It traveled directly through your star-gates and into Mother Earth, all thanks to those of you who participated in that moment. It was this stream of light that has enabled many actions from the Light forces to be taken. I will share briefly that several key players were either taken out or arrested in that moment. As to who or where, I need not say, but know, that in this moment, the light which entered the Earth allowed for certain moves from the Light Forces to be made. It is with these moves being made, that many of these shadow dealings, are now able to be brought forth, into public consciousness.

So, what we all ask now, what I Ashtar, and all those who sit beside me, we ask that you all remain focused on the bigger picture. We ask that you set your intentions clearly each day, to be focused on love, peace and harmony. For there is much to occur as many of these truths come forward, as they are beginning to. And it is your role, those of you who read and resonate to these words, to not become caught up and distracted by these truths. Most of you reading these words are already well aware of many of these dark secrets, so it does not serve you to focus your attention on them, this only serves to hinder forward movement. Now I do not speak of the newly awakened here, I speak to those of you who are veterans in this process, who have been in this line of work for quite some time and who are well aware of what is occurring. You are the way showers, the ones who have already been through the dark truths on Earth and who have processed many of these nefarious dealings.

So, it is now your mission, to be the bearers of hope, the foundations of peace and balance through the coming turmoil. I say turmoil here, in the sense that when certain truths are made public, there is going to be turmoil caused within the ones who are hit hardest by these truths, to those who have been deep asleep and now they are having their very belief systems turned upside down, but this must happen. The truth must be revealed, for it is the truth that shall set you free. Yes, many of you reading these words have already been set free from the illusion, you have faced these truths, the truths about your various institutions such as banking, medical and government, but to those who are unaware, then this is going to come as a big shock for them, for this is the life they have lived, these are the false truths they have lived their entire life believing, and now they will think “how could I be so blind? How have I been misled and tricked my entire life?” and this is going to come as a shock, to have the very core of their being shaken with such truth that many will not be able to handle these truths. This is where those of you, the way showers, the light workers and warriors, the foundations of peace and stability, the bearers of love and hope, in what seems so dark and lost, that is where you come in. And you need not rush to the rescue, like a fireman would a burning house, no, this rescue mission is quite the opposite. You are all most effective and  powerful when you are still and in a state of peace and balance, when you are in the eye of the storm, you are calm and walking with your head high, your heart bright, full of compassion and love.

So, I Ashtar, and all those who surround you now, ask that you not be swept up in the truths unfolding, but that you continue the forward movement, you continue holding the vision of the new Earth, of a peaceful society where all is fair and everyone is given an equal opportunity to live and flourish. You are the way showers, the pillars of peace upon this planet. Soon, very soon, you will be called to anchor your pillar with as much intention, compassion and love as you possibly can. It is in this place, in this place of neutrality, that you are most effective at carrying out the mission.

My dear brothers and sisters, it is almost the moment you have waited for, it is almost the moment you have envisioned, where the truth is released to the planet, so it is now time where you must remain neutral, in a state of peace and harmony, radiating out across the planet. If someone seeks you out regarding these truths, then you assist and share as guided, but otherwise, you must stay focused on the bigger picture, do not be distracted by what will occur, stay focused on the goal, and that goal is coming together as one planet, as one consciousness and then living out that reality in a state of unity and peace.

I Am Ashtar and I send these words with some urgency, as you are all going to need to remain focused. Do not let yourselves be distracted dear ones, for there will also be many half-truths that only serve to distract those of you. Remain in your heart space and you will always be shown and guided to the truth. Dear ones, the time is upon us and it is of the upmost importance that you heed my words today. Continue to remind yourself; neutrality is KEY, neutrality is KEY. My peace, love and compassion to you all.


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