Dear Ones, we are the Tree Collective and we wish to share with you in this moment.

We greet you from all around the planet as we come to you as a collective, a collective of consciousness made up of all the trees across your dear planet. We all work together, in unison, just as you all need to do in these moments.

For it is unity that creates balance upon the Earth and brings all into alignment with Universal Truth.

It is in this truth that you will find solace.

It is in this truth that you can solve all mankind’s problems.

It is in this truth that you can move forward into a beautiful expression upon the Earth.

But to do this you all must work together. You must stand side by side and unite instead of fighting one another. It is this fighting with one another that causes so much pain and anguish in your reality and you can see this being played out now in the United States, where people have taken to the streets, consumed by anger and hatred. This is engineered by those who wish to keep you in chains.

The ones acting out in violence do not understand that it is exactly this sort of behaviour which is keeping them locked up. The ones who are acting out in violence, in fear, are unaware that they are actually feeding the problem, instead of trying to resolve it in a peaceful manner.

These are the times where all of you who are awake and aware, must stand together, just as we Trees do, and be the anchors for the energies now bombarding the planet. Most of you know, that the powers that were, are trying to cling onto what little power they have left. They are going to try and cause as much separation and fear before they must go. This is their plan, as they have tried so many times before, to divide a country and planet, through fear mongering and using a person’s skin colour to try and leverage power to their plan, but this will not succeed and soon burn out.

It is up to those of you who are reading these words, to hold the fort as you say. To stand tall during the storm like we trees do and stretch your roots deep into Gaia. For those who have been consumed by this fear, do not realise that those they attack, are no different to themselves. Just like we trees appear In our many shapes, sizes, colours and forms, we all know and understand that we are all the same on the inside and we are all part of the same Source, we are all part of the One, just as you all are.

It is time to unite more than you ever have before. It is time to stand tall and anchor the hope, love and unity that is within your BEing. Do not fall for trickery, for that is what you see. Do not fall into the trap of being divided and swept up in the drama. It is time for all of you to stand tall, to unite in peace and harmony, not out in the streets, where people are spewing anger, hate and violence. For this has proven to solve nothing, it only causes further destruction and fear. Fear is what holds the collective back and what gives power to those who feed off it. Just like clean water and food is your lifeforce, there are beings who live on the negative emotions and situations that stem from fear.

The easiest way to shift what is currently occurring in the United States, is to love all those involved. Do not judge those acting out of fear, for they are lost. They are unaware of what they are doing and are acting in the only manner they know how. See them as your brothers, your sisters and forgive them. Have compassion for them, for they know not what they are doing. It is programming being triggered by those who feed on fear, and the easiest way to counter that, is to love.

Love all those involved. Have compassion in your hearts for all and most of all, forgive them. Forgive each person you see that is acting from a place of fear. For love conquers all. Just as we trees have withstood the tests of time, you shall too, but you must work together. For as the saying goes, united you stand, divided you fall. So, stretch your roots deep into the Earth and anchor yourself in peace, love and compassion. Show mercy to those acting in fear and forgive them, for they are you dear ones. See that you do this as often as you can.

We stand beside you always. Come sit with us as often as you can, and we will assist to anchor and ground you. We are working with you through this process of evolution, just as we always have. We are here whenever you need support and grounding. We all work in unison and we ask that you do the same.

We are the Tree Collective. We wish that you stand tall through the storm, for there is so much light at the end of all this, but you must choose wisely where you place your attention.

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