Hello everyOne,

I have not shared any messages lately, as I have had a busy end of year and have been taking time to myself and with my family. These two things are so important in these moments. Taking time out to really be with yourself, to just be. And spending time with loved ones and people who make you happy, make you laugh and feel good about yourself.

Being quiet and enjoying our own company is especially important. Do this in what ever way brings you joy, brings you positive energy and helps you to release stress and worry. You may find that just being at home by yourself and listening to your favourite music or watching your favourite show does this.

Remember; there is nothing wrong with watching a good movie or TV show, if it makes you feel good and is not filled with violence and horror. Too much of that can be very damaging to your psyche and vibration.

What ever can bring you into a relaxed state, where you can just be with yourself is fine. Try to do this at least once a day. It does not need to be for hours, even 20 minutes is fine. Because it is all about the intention. Wake up in the morning and ask your body “Body, how can I serve you today?” and then listen for the response. You can also state “Today I AM going to set aside 15 minutes to just be with myself and enjoy my own company” then, because you have set that intention, that 15 minutes will show up at the perfect time.


So, this brings me to the purpose of today’s message – Showing up for YOU and doing what is best for YOU.


With spirituality becoming more mainstream by the day, there are so many out there who say to become “spiritual” you must do this and cannot do that. Because if you do this, then you cannot be that. And I will tell you right now, that is total bullshit. There is NO right/wrong, do/do not, simply different experiences. Different ways and means to experience life on Earth and all that this reality has to offer.

There are many people out there now who claim to know what is right for us. That say no you cannot eat this or do not drink that, or if you watch TV then you are a mindless zombie and part of the problem. And this is just not true. But so many get caught up in other people’s beliefs and then they take them on as their own. “He said if I eat this then such and such will happen to me” and then they take on, what may be right for the person saying it, as their own. When in truth, this thing that you have just removed from your life because Dave on YoU tuBE said it is not good, may be something your body requires in its current state.

So, this is where we really need to tune into our own body and our own Being and ask, “Is this something that I need to remove from my life or is it something my body requires in this moment”. Do not get me wrong, there are so many people out there doing amazing things with amazing results and ways to do it, and that is totally fine. But we must be discerning as to whether this diet or that exercise which works for Sally, is what is best and required for me in this moment.

Many people today just see a new fad or trend on the internet and think “Well this guy/girl is getting great results from this; it must be good!” But they do not actually tune into their own body and own BEing to ask whether it is right for them or not. If you ask and the answer is yes, then go for it! But if not, then you need to listen to and honour what your body wants and requires in that moment.

Now I Am certainly not saying I have all the answers or that I know what is best for you and what you should be doing, certainly not. What I AM saying is; we must do what is right for ourselves and not take on what is right for another, just because it looks or sounds good at the time. Just because someone has said that “No that food is not good for you because it does this” maybe for that person it does, but have you stopped and asked yourself if this is true for you?

What is no good for another, may be something that gives you certain nutrients, proteins or vitamins in this moment? A show that someone else said is no good, may hold certain keys or activations that are important for you and your journey. Just because a critic or review said this movie is crap, yes it may have been for them, but again, it may hold certain information that is relevant to your journey in the moment.

Therefore, showing up for yourself and your body is so important. Taking the time to really be with yourself each day, spending time on your own to listen to and receive any messages and guidance, which is so crucial in these moments of great change. The more often you do this, the stronger and clearer your guidance becomes. This, in turn, has you doing what is best for YOU, which creates joy, and happiness within, which brings you into alignment with the natural flow and rhythm of the universe.

It is when you are in this state that you then send our giant waves of positive energy to those around you, your area and Mother Earth. Through this simple task of creating space and time for YOU, you then radiate positive energy that not only improves your life, but also the energy of those around you, the area you live, the plants and animals and our beloved Gaia.

I must make it noticeably clear, that I AM in NO way saying you must best selfish and only think about yourself and screw everyone else, not at all. What I AM saying is; that you must practice this with things that are DIRECYTLY related to you, your body and the current stage of your journey. Things like eating, exercise, what you watch on tv, what music you listen to, what books you read and so on.

It is about fine tuning your guidance, so you can then cater for your BEing and look after yourself, in alignment with what your body and journey requires in that moment. But remember, we are constantly shifting, changing and growing, so something that may have been required over the last month or two, may shift into something new. That is why constantly checking in and spending time with yourself is so important.

Make a habit of setting the intention and then showing up to spend some time with yourself. Again, it need not be long. An hour is ideal, but if you are busy then 15-20 minutes is fine. Remember, it is all about the intention. The intention to get to know yourself, to fine tune your inner ears to what your body is asking of you and then doing what is best for you. Just because it works for another, does not mean it works for you.

Fine tune your inner ears and listen to what YOUR body requires, not what another tells you your body or life needs. There are so many people offering excellent advice, hints and tips out there, but it is about creating something from all the information you gather, that is tailored to suit your needs and requirements. Whether it is how much sleep you have, the foods you eat, the shows you watch or the music you listen to. We are all still unique, individual expressions on the Earth, so we all have our different requirements.

Make it a habit to ask, then listen, to what is best for you and what you need as each moment passes.


The more you show up for YOU, the more you light up for the world!


Love and Blessings



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