Enchanted Images

What Are Enchanted Images?

Enchanted Images are my own photos that I have been guided to take, which contain powerful light codes and activation’s that will attune you to the energies they hold.

They are all from the natural world, with each photo having a specific purpose. I have many of Dragons, Star Beings, Orbs, Ascended Masters and Angels. Even though you may not see the image I refer to in the picture, I can assure you, that with time and as the activation integrates, you will begin to see many things you never saw at first. I have photo’s that I have taken 6 months ago that I AM still finding new things in. It has proven to me that these activation’s do take place and continue over a long period of time.

The photo’s will be printed on quality photo paper from a professional printer, available in three sizes. The image will then be placed in a sacred space with the crystals required for that picture. I will then call in the energies and light codes of the picture and infuse them into the print. Once this process is done, it will be placed in a cardboard shipping tube with a crystal for protection and posted.

These images make a perfect centerpiece in your home, office or studio, as the energies they contain radiate out into the immediate area surrounding them. They are also perfect additions to you alter or to use as part of a workshop to help bring in the energies of the picture, and the Beings associated with it.  

How Do They Work?

I have been guided as to where and when to take these photo’s. I have then been told by my Guides who or what the picture is of and what the activation does. The picture above this is of a Fire Dragon and it activates the fire within and the 5th dimensional Heart Chakra. These photo’s work by just placing them in the position of your choice and admiring it as you do any piece of art. Just having the photo in your space, where it is able to be seen is enough for the activation to take place. It will also help to ground the energies of the photo into your house (or where ever you decide to place it) and also into the immediate area surrounding it. I will only be making the most powerful ones available for sale and some will be made as a limited number. 


The picture to the right is of Mary Magdalene and 2 Light Ships, this is one of the most beautiful pictures I have. 

Service Features

What you will receive is the image of your choice, printed on high quality photo paper from a professional printer. Once printed they will be activated with the energies of that image. The energies will then remain with the photo for life. 

Once you have chosen your picture I will then put it in Sacred Spaced and call in the energies for that activation. I will leave it in Sacred Space for as long as needed. Once the energies are complete then your picture will be sent. You will receive your picture within 2-4 weeks of order date, pending on print time and how long it takes to activate. 

ALL images are my own personal photo’s that I have taken with the help of the many Guides, Elementals, Star Beings and Dragons that inhabit them.

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