Personal Activation Message

” Zane’s channelled message was powerful, not only in the worded message, but in the energy the message contained. What felt like an integration continued for days and weeks after, a gentle and nurturing assurance and peaceful energy could be felt. The message was so fitting with my experience, I was in awe as I read it, captivated by the relevance to my life situation. The layers of meaning and insight have unfolded gently and have assisted me greatly at this time of my life. Zane’s gifts are incredible! Highly recommended. ” – Dani Rendina


The Guides you can receive a personal channelled message from are -

Siriun High Council

Mary Magdalene

Sanuu, my Guide and Lemurian Elder

Yeshua/Sananda (Jesus Christ) 

EnReeTah of the Arcturian Council


Archangel Michael

Mother Earth (Gaia)

Saint Germain

Mother Mary

Sanat Kumara


PLEASE NOTE: The answers you seek or wish to hear may not always be provided. These messages are just guidelines and it is up to each individual if they wish to adhere to it or not. We are not IN ANY WAY telling people how to live or what you must do, but instead we are offering guidance, inspiration and/or clarity. 



Personal Activation Message

Personal Channelling – 

My Personal Activation Message is a channelled message, through me, from one of my Guides or the various Beings I work with. It will be a written message, that contains activation’s and light codes, which are related to the current stage of your personal journey. 

What you will receive is – 

A written message from a Guide of your choice, their names can be found to the left of this text.

As I bring through your personal message, I will also be channelling various energies and activation’s into your reading. The energies and codes that go into your message, will be specific to what your Higher Self and chosen Guide, has deemed most suitable for the current stage of your journey. 

The energies and codes provided may offer a release of old wounds or emotions, you may receive a burst of high vibrational energy or they may activate light codes that you carry within. All energies and activation’s provided have been decided by your Higher Self and the Guide that you have chosen to hear from, I have no say in what energies go into your reading. My role is to bring forth the message and energies, into a readable form, that each individual can then work with over however long you choose.



Tapestry of Creation does not in any way provide medical advice or guidance on any health-related matters. Please seek professional medical assistance for matters concerning health. Tapestry of Creation assumes no responsibility for decisions made by the individual that receives a reading. This material is only provided as a guide and it is up to the individual what they wish to do with the information provided. Please take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.

What You Will Get


How You Will Receive Your Reading

I will send your reading to you via a downloadable PDF or Word.doc file, please just ask if you wish to have it sent in a different format. 

How Long Will IT Take To Receive Your Reading?

Once I have received your questions and payment has been finalised, you will receive your reading within 2 weeks from the date of order completion. Please know, that it may take time for your reading to come through as the messages are not always there straight away. 

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