Greetings dearest Earth children, I Am Mary Magdalene and it is with my rose heart that I greet you on this day.

I Am so pleased, at the current progress that is being made on the Earth plane, in the way of honoring the Divine Feminine. For too long, the beautiful energies of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, has been suppressed and diminished, tainted in every way possible. But it is with each day the energy of the Goddess grows and amplifies as the Mothers Tsunami also continues to grow.

It is in the coming months, that you will start to see the effects of these energies, manifest in the world. This will result in a more harmonious way of being for all, especially women, who have long been seen as objects of pleasure and not much else. But dear ones, and I speak to the women here, our time is to come where we will rise up and equal that of man, we will be bringing balance to the Masculine, that has for so long been in a position of power and dominance. This is not to say that the Masculine energy should be wiped out or that women are to take over the planet, not at all. What I Am saying is, that as women rise and the energy of the Divine Feminine rises, then so it shall bring balance to a Masculine energy of domination and control.

It has been for far too long that the Feminine energies have not been utilized in the way they should. The feminine energies have been wasted in a sea of sexual acts, that all but waste the energy of the Divine Feminine. It is through the abuse of women and the mistreatment of this energy, that has caused great imbalances on the planet and this must come to a stop. Women are to reclaim that which has been taken and abused from them. There are many people, and I also speak of men here, who are reclaiming that energy of the Goddess, for men must carry a balance of this energy too, as to be in harmony with Creator and their Higher Self.

It is through men becoming more compassionate and caring, being able to express emotion without being ridiculed, called cry-babies or weak, as these slanderous remarks also suppress the Feminine within the males, that the males will bring the Feminine into balance. Men are told they must be tough and show no emotion in this culture, but that is not the case. Men must stand balanced and show an equal amount of strength, but also be able to express emotion, enabling an emotional release. For too much built up emotion leads to anger and hate, a perfectly devised plan by those of the dark. This was their plan, to create a male that is full of anger and rage, completely suppressing the feminine energies and the female herself, causing wars and violence, which they have succeed with until now.

The rise of the Divine Feminine is here dear ones, and I speak now of the rise of the Divine Feminine in both the male and the female, for it is time for the Feminine energy to reclaim her rightful place, as carer and nurturer of the planet. It is with the reclaiming of these energies that the planet will finally be able to start being brought back to balance and a peaceful and caring society can prevail.

Let go of needing to be a tough, authoritative male figure, and express your emotion and care for others around you. And women, step up and claim your Goddess within, with the strength of the Masculine, be the way showers for all the women who have been trod on and claim your essence in a beautiful, caring, but strong way. I must stress here, this is not to say you must become a feminist or step all over the men of the planet, not at all, as this will only create further imbalances. It is reclaiming your Goddess stature with Divine Grace and the strength of the Masculine, all while still honoring the male energy, thus bringing balance to both energies. You do not bring a planet back to balance by going all out war on the masculine, instead it must be done with the grace and care of a mother.

I Am here, leading the rise of the Divine Feminine, with all of you who seek to bring balance to these energies. Call upon me and I shall be there to assist you with this. I Am Mary Magdalene and I stand by you all as we bring this planet back to balance and harmony, between both sexes and the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine energies. I love you all my dear ones.

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