Hello EveryOne,

Today, I have worked up the courage to finally step out of my comfort zone and do a channelled message in video format instead of written, and this is one of the main aspects of todays message. We are being asked to burst our bubble and step into the new. As we do this we are also going to help to reveal judgement, judgements we may have or have made upon ourselves and possibly judgement from others.

It is time to heal the deep wounds of judgement and ridicule that have plagued humanity and our beloved earth for far too long. As stated in the video this may show up in many ways from self judgement, that from or of family and friends, co-workers or even people you come in contact with throughout the day. These are all presenting now, because for humanity to move forward and remember unity and oneness, we must heal judgement and separation.

This is the stage we are now moving in to as a collective. It may not be easy and could get rough at times, but if you focus on what was shared in the video, then we can help to make this process much easier on ourselves. To all my followers that are not able to understand English, please bare with me until I have a spare moment to create a transcript of this video.

Thank you all for viewing this message and listening to what the Sirians had to share. We send you all love and blessings.

Zane and the Sirian High Council.

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