Why I AM Here

My Purpose

The purpose of the creation of this site, is to help me share with the world, the wisdom, love and inspiration I AM able to bring forth from the Stars and Spirit. I don’t claim to have all of the answers or that I can solve all of life’s problems. What I do hope is, that each person who visits this site and connects with myself, is able to gain some clarity over a situation, receive guidance or just to be uplifted in a positive way. I Am here to help share the wisdom from our Ancestors and activate within each individual, the light and love of Source we all carry. My Divine Mission is to help anchor the wisdom of the Stars onto the Earth and into the collective consciousness of humanity. We want to help people find their own truth and help you remember, who you are and why you are here. 

We cannot give you the answers to these questions, but We can help set you in the right direction to find them. 

When I say We, I Am referring to myself and my Divine Team I work with. We all have a Divine Team of Guides and Angels working with us, we must ask for assistance but, that is the key.


The way I bring forth messages and information is through intuition and the telepathic connection I share with my Guides, Spirit and Star Family. It is through practice, patience and listening to the heart, that I have developed a strong inner guidance system and direct communication line to Spirit and my many Guides and beloved Star Brothers and Sisters.


My main goal is to help other’s strengthen their own intuition and connection to their Guides and Ancestors. I want to be able to assist people in finding their truth and re-establishing a strong connection to their heart, soul and the many helpers in Spirit who surround us. I Am also dedicated to helping raise the vibration of our beloved Mother Earth, our dearest Mother who has sacrificed so much for our own Soul growth and expansion. I hope that the creation of this site can help to return to Her, that which she has given us. 

"Zane Morgan is a young channel that has emerged in the circles of truthful message from the spiritual realm. I read his message with great attention. They are not only truthful, but well synchronized and in harmony with quality messages via other channels. His messages add the impression and truthfulness of the fact, that the messages all originate from one collective consciousness."


Per Staffan - Sananda.website

"I received an amazing channeled reading from Zane! I was so excited to receive a transmission from Mary Magdalene that not only was very reassuring but inspired me to take some steps to align with my true essence. The message was powerful in every way, as I also receive energy healing as I was reading it. If you would like to receive a channeled message from a pure channel, I highly recommend Zane, he is the real deal."

Lourdes Garcia - bluealchemy.com

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