Zane and his partner Jodie have decided to team up to bring you their new format of channelled messages.

On this page, you will find messages that Zane has channelled, which have then been made into audio recordings. These audio messages have been written by Zane, then spoken by Jodie. As she dictates these messages, she will be incorporating the sounds of her chosen instruments as guided, which include the unique sounds of lapis lazuli and pearl infused Singing Ring®, Koshi Chimes, crystal bowls and many other sacred sounds.

Jodie is a Sacred Sound Facilitator, she specialises in group sessions and one-one-one healing. She uses her intuition and instruments to relax and heal the body, mind and spirit. If you wish to know more about Jodie please visit her Facebook from this link provided.

Jodie’s Healing Haven –

These messages will be put into their own categories as they are created. Please click on any of the links below to find audio messages from the Guides listed.


You are advised, if possible, to listen when you are able to relax and not be disturbed. It is also recommend to wear headphones, as they provide a clearer connection between the listener, message and sounds.

Audio Messages From –


Mother Earth


Company of Heaven



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