About Zane –


Zane was born and raised on the East Coast of Australia. He was born into a very intuitive family, whose roots run deep within the Tweed community, Zane being the 4th of 5 generations in the area.


Zane was very rebellious as a child and into his teens, not wanting to conform to the rules and regulations, society had tried to place upon him. He spent much of his childhood finding enjoyment by running around in the local rainforest and bushland. He always remained connected to the natural world as he grew going from roaming the bush, to finding places to make BMX jumps and then bodyboarding every chance he got.


Once Zane was nearing 18 his rebellious side arose again. This saw him go down the path of partying and getting up to mischief, that didn’t involve being in the bush. His years from 18-25 saw him get into all sorts of trouble, mostly when he was out with mates. It was going down this path, as many do, that has brought him to the place he is in now, and has greatly assisted in the growth of his compassion, love and kindness for everyone he comes into contact with.


Zane has only just entered his 30’s now, but has been diligently studying, discerning and integrating his spiritual Self and work for the last 5 years. Being only young for this line of work, he has a large amount of room to grown and expand.


Being a very “do it himself” sort of person, Zane has not completed any grand courses in Spirituality, instead, he has taken what resonates to him, from spiritual literature around the world, and used it to grow and expand his consciousness. Just by reading his Channelled Messages, you can get a glimpse into the vast amount of works he has studied, to be self-taught and in the place he is now.


Zane has had many, what some call “paranormal experiences”, along his path. His most memorable one to date, was his encounter with Master Hilarion, during his Dreaming Experience. He has written about this in detail, to which you can find the link to at the end of this blurb.


Zane now works alongside his Divine Team who he has built a strong, clear connection to. He has many helpers from Spirit alongside him, which range from his Galactic Brothers and Sisters, to the Ascended Masters and Dragons. He is now able to connect with and receive, clear guidance and information from these helpers, for not only himself, but anyone that wishes to connect with him.


So to summarise Zane and his line of work; although he may not have a list of degrees and course studies under his belt, the way he is able to channel and write messages, his compassion, understanding and love for all, mixed with his dedication to uplift and heal the planet, speaks for his self-taught ways as a Spiritual Artist.


Zane’s personal experience with Master Hilarion –


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