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Blessings to you all. I give gratitude and thanks for you taking the time to visit my site and to see the services I have to offer. I will take a moment to introduce myself without complicating things.

My name is Zane and I have spent my 29 years growing and learning in Australia. I AM here in this most auspicious time of planetary evolution, to help bring forth the wisdom from our many Galactic Brothers and Sisters and all of our family in Spirit. I greet you with my love, respect and gratitude for finding your way here. Now a little bit about how I came to this knowing =)

I come from a very intuitive and gifted family, so the spiritual side of life has always been around me. I have had a good upbringing as a child, we were neither poor nor rich, so I lived quite happily during my childhood. I spent most of my time running around the bush, riding BMX and giving headaches to my parents. I never quite fitted in at school, not in the sense that I didn’t have friends or couldn’t get along with people, but in the sense that the rules and regulations of school, just didn’t sit well with me. I knew there was more to life than what we were being taught, this caused me to be quite a menace at school, until I dropped out in year 10. I will admit though, art and music were my favourite subjects.

As I progressed into my late teens, it was then that I started to get caught up in drinking and partying, a social program currently running across most of the Western world. It was through this programming that my connection to nature, music and art faded and my love for drinking and going out arose. But during this stage of my journey, there was always the quest to know and understand more. Why does this happen, what causes this, who did that? And so on. It was then in my early 20’s that I discovered the so called “conspiracy theories” and well, that is an entirely new rabbit hole. So whilst continuing to party I also continued my study into these “theories” which led me to discover what “energy” is and how everything in existence is made from this energy. I came across the works from Dolores Cannon, which then sent me down another rabbit hole. One after another these rabbit holes came quicker and quicker. Until one day the partying started to fade away, then the “paranormal” or what I would now call “normal” experiences began.

There are many to talk about, but I will only detail my most memorable. I was very sick in late 2017, I had a terrible cough and fever, so being me I didn’t go to the doctors and tried to stay home and rest it off. I was having no sleep at all, as every time I tried to lay down I would have coughing fits. I was finally going to the doctors the day after my 4th night of doing this. I had not slept in 3 nights and was about ready to give up, I was almost in tears because I was so frustrated and tired. I had finally had enough, so I shouted out “DIVINE TEAM PLEASE HELP ME” it was immediately after I shouted that, a beautiful, big, bright white orb appeared in my room, gave me a little electric shock on my lower left rib cage and then it was gone. As quick as it appeared it left. It was after that appearance and shock to my ribs, that I fell asleep almost instantly, I had the best night sleep all week. I went to the doctor the next morning and he told me that I had pneumonia. Where? Right in the exact spot I got shocked.

So, whether you take that as a sign to trust in your Divine Team, that is always with you, or that you should go to the doctor earlier, that’s up to you. But what it did teach me is, that no matter how hard life may seem or how sick you may be, your Divine Team is always there, ready to assist. But you MUST ask for assistance and give permission, because they cannot impede on our free will. They also cannot interfere with our chosen lessons, they can assist but not in a way that will obstruct what we are trying to learn. 

I have been to some dark places and met some dark people during my journey on Earth. But it is through doing that, I have been able to get a clear understanding of who I AM and why I AM here. I hope to share that wisdom with others who may have headed down a dark path, or just anyone seeking to understand more about life and the many secrets it holds. I do NOT claim to know everything, nor am I here to force my beliefs or opinions on to other’s. I just have the intention, that who ever finds their way to me and my work, that they are able to leave with a bit more clarity than what they came with, a better understanding of a situation or even a smile on their face from my silly humour. Either way, it’s up to each individual to take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.

And so, in saying all that, this is where I Am at today. I AM now and intuitive channel for our beloved Siriun family and the many other benevolent BEings that surround us. I Work closely with Mary Magdalene and Yeshua/Sananda, the Dragons an other Elementals. I have a strong connection to Mother Earth and her Ancestors and I AM doing what I can to raise the vibration of Her and all upon Her. I AM here with this website in the hope that I Am able to pass on messages and insights that come through me from the many beautiful BEings I work with. 

I hope you all enjoy what I have to offer, any questions please just email me.

Love and gratitude


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