Personal Readings

Why I do Personal Readings –

The purpose of my readings is, to let the individual experience a personal connection and message from a Guide of your choice. I wish to offer you an opportunity to hear from Spirit, in a way that you can understand and integrate into the current stage of your journey.

I AM offering Personal Readings, as I understand that you may still find it hard to connect with your Divine Team, to receive the clear and appropriate guidance you are looking for.

I was once in the same position, I struggled to receive the clear guidance I required on my journey because of the blocks and beliefs I had put in place. This is where channelled messages from others greatly assisted me. They helped me to gain clarity and receive clear messages on how to best proceed on my journey, without my self-imposed limitations.

My Team and I now wish to share this gift with you, to help you move forward on your journey, in expanding your consciousness and growing your Gifts from Spirit, just like the assistance I received, before arriving in my current place.


It is my underlying intention to assist you, to be able to channel and receive your own clear, truthful guidance, from your team in Spirit. Every individual can do this, it just takes practice, patience and trust. Trust is key.   

Zane’s channelled message was powerful, not only in the worded message, but in the energy the message contained. What felt like an integration continued for days and weeks after, a gentle and nurturing assurance and peaceful energy could be felt. The message was so fitting with my experience, I was in awe as I read it, captivated by the relevance to my life situation. The layers of meaning and insight have unfolded gently and have assisted me greatly at this time of my life. Zane’s gifts are incredible! Highly recommended. 

Danni Rendina

What my readings offer –

 My readings are done with a Team of Guide’s, whose duty it is to provide clear, Divine Guidance from Spirit, without any blocks or limiting beliefs you may have cast upon yourself. Too often, doubt, fear or the lower ego serve as a buffer between the information your Divine Team is sending and your physical BEing that is walking the Earth.

I give you a chance to set these buffers aside, to receive the information and guidance which is being sent to you. I provide a clear channel that Spirit can relay guidance on to you, free of any hindrance you may have in place.


I thoroughly enjoyed all my interactions with Zane! He was very prompt in his responses to any questions I had. You can tell he really cares. 🙂 There was a little bit of a mix up with email addresses
in the beginning, however Zane resolved and ironed everything out quickly.

The messages that came through from the Arcturians and St. Germain, were exactly what I had been searching to do for months now. Zane was able to confirm many things for me, and the messages I received, were filled with love and many truths, including activations. I am so happy he is able to provide these services to the world. He is truly gifted.

Thank you again to Zane and his team. ❤️❤️❤️


,The types of readings I offer –

 I AM offering two types of readings.


Option one –

Is a reading from your chosen Guide, whose names can be found towards the bottom of this page. This reading will be done the same as my messages on the Channelled Messages page. I will channel and write the words your chosen Guide wishes to share with you. This type of reading will consist of anywhere between 800-1200 words. It will contain guidance and information, that is presented in a way that is simple and easy for you to understand, integrate and apply to the current stage of your journey. I will also channel the appropriate energies and light codes that will assist in the integration of your message.


The price for this option is $55AUD

Option Two –

This option will be the same format as above, but you will be able to ask your chosen Guide 3 questions you are seeking clarity and guidance for. These questions must come from your heart and relate to the current stage of your journey. This option will be much more detailed than the one above, as you are asking specific questions relating to your journey, that Spirit will then expand on.    

Take time and consider what will best assist you in the current moment.

What question has been constantly arising for you?

What keeps bothering you, what is it you can’t seem to find an answer for?

Use these questions to find what questions will best support you and your journey.


The price for this option is $99AUD

Guides You Can Connect With -

Master Hilarion

Sirian High Council

Mary Magdalene

Sa’Nuu and the Lemurians

Yeshua/Sananda (Jesus Christ)

En’Ree’Tah of the Arcturian Council


Archangel Michael

Mother Earth (Gaia)

Saint Germain

Mother Mary

Sanat Kumara


PLEASE NOTE: The answers you seek or wish to hear may not always be provided. These messages are intended to be used as guidance if the individual so chooses. The energies provided are in no way intended to harm or confuse, they are here to help you shift, grow and remember who you are and why you are here in this moment.


Tapestry of Creation and the services it provides are purely intended for guidance purposes only and is in no way professional advice. It is up to each individual who receives guidance from Tapestry of Creation, as to whether they follow it or not. Tapestry of Creation is in no way responsible for the actions of any individual who has received a service. Tapestry of Creation does not provide medical or financial advice. If you are experiencing ongoing medical issues or any sort of mental health problems, please contact a certified professional.




How You Will Receive Your Transmission

I will send your transmission via a downloadable PDF or Word.doc file. Please just ask if you wish to have it sent in a different format.

When will you receive your transmission?

Once I have received your order I will begin the process. Please allow 1-2 weeks to receive your transmission.


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