Personal Activation Message

What the Personal Activation Message offers you, is a chance to connect with and hear from a Guide of your choice, whose names can be found to the right of this page. If you would like a message, but cannot decide who you wish to hear from, please say so in the ‘Order Notes’ box during checkout and I will connect with whomever wishes to share with you.

For this service, I will channel a written message from whom you wish to hear from. It will then be emailed to you as a downloadable file. Your message will be however long or short they wish to make it.

Woven into your reading will be various Light codes, activation’s and energies that will be unique to you and your journey.

The energies and activation’s, contained in your message, are strictly chosen by your Higher Self and chosen Guide. This will be, what has been deemed most suitable for you and the current stage of your journey. I personally have no say in what goes into your message and activation, my role is to be a conduit for these messages and activation’s, and to make sure they arrive at the intended destination.

What you may receive from your Activation Message –

A clearer connection to aspects of your multidimensional Self.

Insights into past lives, your current journey or synchronicity’s that have been occurring.

A strengthened connection to your Divine Team of Guides.

Supportive energies to help heal and clear wounds or trauma.

Light Codes that may assist you to unlock and remember your Gifts from Spirit.

Provide clarity as to why you are here and what your role is during this current lifetime.


The above list is to just highlight some of the most common aspects of your message. You may only need one or you might receive three, it may even be a burst of high vibrational energy that you require. Again, I have no input as to what your message will contain, I AM merely the vessel it travels through.


No matter the contents of your message, if you feel guided to order one, then there is certainly something within it, that will assist you on your journey.



Additional Note

Tapestry of Creation and the services it provides are purely intended for guidance purposes only and is in no way professional advice. It is up to each individual who receives guidance from Tapestry of Creation, as to whether they follow it or not. Tapestry of Creation is in no way responsible for the actions of any individual who has received a service. Tapestry of Creation does not provide medical or financial advice. If you are experiencing ongoing medical issues or any sort of mental health problems, please contact a certified professional.


” Zane’s channelled message was powerful, not only in the worded message, but in the energy the message contained. What felt like an integration continued for days and weeks after, a gentle and nurturing assurance and peaceful energy could be felt. The message was so fitting with my experience, I was in awe as I read it, captivated by the relevance to my life situation. The layers of meaning and insight have unfolded gently and have assisted me greatly at this time of my life. Zane’s gifts are incredible! Highly recommended. ” – Dani Rendina


Guides You Can Connect With -

Sirian High Council

Mary Magdalene

Sa’Nuu and the Lemurians

Yeshua/Sananda (Jesus Christ)

En’Ree’Tah of the Arcturian Council


Archangel Michael

Mother Earth (Gaia)

Saint Germain

Mother Mary

Sanat Kumara


PLEASE NOTE: The answers you seek or wish to hear may not always be provided. These messages are intended to be used as guidance if the individual so chooses. The energies provided are in no way intended to harm or confuse, they are here to help you shift, grow and remember who you are and why you are here in this moment.




How You Will Receive Your Reading

I will send your reading to you via a downloadable PDF or Word.doc file, please just ask if you wish to have it sent in a different format. 

When will you receive your reading?

Once I have received your order I will begin the process. Please allow a minimum of 7 days for me to complete your message and send it out to you. 

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