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Dearest Brothers and Sisters, I Am Sananda, along with the Company of Heaven. We greet you with love, as We watch you progress to becoming more loving and compassionate towards one another.

The duality and separation, currently being played out upon the earth, is in its fiercest stages yet. We understand, that many of you are feeling very uneasy with what you see, wondering whether things are going to change, but what We wish to share today, is in hope of shifting your perspective.

For what many of you still seek, is confirmation. As has been said through this one recently, let go of seeking confirmation. Many of you are still in the process of waiting to see a change in the world, waiting to see a change in perspective of those that claim to be leaders. What We can say to you dear ones, is YOU are that change. Every individual Soul, upon the earth, that is currently going through the awakening process, IS that change you seek. And by saying this, We mean, that it is, as each individual changes and does the inner work, the world begins to reflect that. Most of you reading this should know that by now and if you don’t, well then this is the truth. The truth is, your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and the Planet is a reflection of the Collective Consciousness of humanity.

And so, can you see why there is so much hatred and division playing out across the world right now? It is because so many are sifting through all the hate and anger that is within and this MUST be released in order to move forward as a collective. So, what you see is the release of this, it is a releasing of all the suppression, the anger, hate and violence that has been dealt to humanity and to dearest Mother Earth over many centuries, and that is why you are here.

You all came here with the knowing that this would not be easy, that things were going to get very tough, but you also came here knowing that your connection to Us, the Company of Heaven, the connection to your Source, to Mother/Father God and Prime Creator, would never be broken. But during the lifetimes of abuse of power and suppression of this truth, you have all forgotten this connection, it is still there but it is barely a memory. Some of you have experienced this through meditation or many of the so called “paranormal” and near-death experiences that happen.

And so, to tie this in with what I first started saying, you all seek confirmation of this connection to God, you look outwards for a sign that God is here and that the Company of Heaven is right beside you. And what We, The Company of Heaven wish to say, is STOP looking outside for something that is not outside of you, all is within dear ones. Even the world you view is within you, it is not something that is outside of you, it is within you, you are within your own consciousness experiencing this game of duality and separation. Can you comprehend what We are saying? It has never been on the outside, just because you are in your physical vessel it appears that the world is on the outside, but dear ones, it is within. It is all within your consciousness, and within the collective consciousness, do you see? This one just had a glimpse of what we are saying. ALL is within the whole, there is no outside, there is only within.

You may sit there and look across the road or look at the person sitting next to you and think “but that person is sitting across from me, therefore they must be outside of me, they are not in my body with me” but do you see? They ARE in the body with you, they are part of the whole, they are in the whole with you, do you see? I Am repeating this as it is key to unlocking the understanding of which I speak. For all is One, connected by the filaments of light and love of our Mother/Father God, which have been sent forth from Prime Creator, do you see yet? You are ALL within Prime Creator, you are all WITHIN Mother/Father God.

All is part of the whole consciousness of the Universe and beyond, therefore you are not outside of the Universe, you are WITHIN the Universe.

Are you starting to comprehend my words dear ones?

So, as long as you keep searching for God and oneness outside of yourself, you will never find it, because it does not exist. You must look within for what you seek. Can you start to see what the saying “all is within” means? For nothing is on the outside, everything is within something. It’s like the babushka dolls, within the big one is another and within that one, is another and so on until you come to the very last little doll. This last little doll is what we can compare to the third dimension, but can you see how it is still part of the whole? It is still part of the All, just as the smallest doll is part of all the bigger dolls, you are still part of the bigger picture, you are WITHIN that bigger doll, that biggest doll representing Prime Creator and then all is within that bigger one.

So dear ones, in saying all this, We hope We have not confused you and I do understand that some of you may be, and I will say, if you are confused about these words then let them go and come back when you feel ready. But if you do understand these words, let them sink in, re-read them until you feel the words and you see or have a glimpse of Our words, just as this one did writing them down. For as you attune to this message, you will see what we are saying. I do not mean “see” as in through your physical eyes, although some may have some sparkles or flashes, I mean see with the third eye, with your inner vision.

Let go of seeking confirmation on the outside and know that God is within, live by this example and know that as you do you will greatly affect the whole. Be in love with your life, no matter how it appears, and it will change as your inner world changes. Do not be affected by what you see playing out in the world, but instead see it as a cleansing and a way for everyone on the planet and beloved Mother Earth to be able to move forward in peace and harmony. Only peace and harmony for All awaits you dear ones, do not fret or worry. We are always with you. We love you so dearly. I Am Sananda and I have had my Brothers and Sisters of the Company of Heaven with me in saying these words, so know that they will be with you as you let these words sink in. Allow us to be with you and you can count on us to be there. We love you so much dear Earth children.


PLEASE NOTE- This message remains the property of the author and is not to be altered or changed in anyway.

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Love and Light, Zane.

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