I AM KaRa and it is a pleasure to speak to you on this day.


For much is in flux now, much is in the flow of change and movement, for there is always movement and everything is always changing, shaping, shifting. But the change and movement, I speak of now, is grand dear ones.

The change that is now coming to you, will be known in your history books, as the greatest change that has ever been experienced upon the Earth, can you grasp what sort of change is here, when I speak of this?  It goes beyond what you are all expecting, well beyond. So, fear not dear ones, for it is all in motion, it is all shifting to herald in a new dawn, a new time upon the Earth where all can live in harmony, and where all know and understand the truth within.

For there is only one general truth, and that is you are all connected, you are all part of the One, nothing is separate, and that is coming to be understood more deeply by those of you who read this message.

There is a deep knowing within you that is starting to pulsate, starting to rise into your consciousness, and this is who you are. Your truth is beginning to surface, and you are beginning to have glimpses of the truth. You are starting to see the light that connects you all, as it moves and sways all around you, just as your trees move and sway to a gentle breeze, your being moves with the gentle energies that are all around you, for nothing is stationary, even a rock is in constant change, as it moves and changes with the weather it experiences, revealing more of what it is, as the layers of dirt and sediment are shifted from around it. This is just as you are doing now dear ones, as you move through the inner changes and as you strip away the layers of old programming and beliefs, just as the rock removes the dirt from around it, to show who it really is below the covering, you are beginning to show who you truly are beneath all of the layers of who you thought you were. For your old system is no more dear ones, and soon your personal operating system will no longer be the same, for as the world shifts and changes, so too does the way you interact with it.

You have been deceivingly taught how to navigate through a false world, but that is quickly collapsing as you tune into your sixth sense and beyond.  As your third eye expands and your intuition strengthens, then your navigation system also expands, changes and shifts to match the reality you are moving into.

Fear not dear ones, as the times ahead are grand, and a major announcement is at your door. Be ready to move into your new operating system, be ready to move into a new way of being and doing, and most of all, be ready to move into an entirely new Earth.

Welcome dear ones, the times of real magik are here!  I Am KaRa and I leave you with my love, peace and blessings on the eve of enormous change. I love you all dearly.

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