Hi EveryOne,

Firstly, I AM so grateful to all the people who visit my site and the material I share. I see you visiting from all over the world and I AM amazed each and every day to see where people are viewing from. Thank you, I really appreciate the support and it is so beautiful to know these amazing messages are getting out there 😊🙏

There is no channeled message today, but I do have a lovely, short video that I filmed from my backyard on Saturday evening, just before sunset.

The only message today is – Keep your eyes on the sky.

Star Family are preparing to disclose more of their crafts and Light Ships/Light Bodies, as the Govt are not going through with disclosure as planned and it is taking too long for them to reach an agreement between themselves. So keep your eyes on the sky and remember to film when possible, as they are giving those of us with the eyes to see, proof they are with us. It is now up to us, as the awakened population, to begin our own disclosure.

Amazing times ahead! So please enjoy this short encounter with a Confederation Ship. Note that it is not the ISS, as I checked sightings for my area and it was not due for over an hour and heading in a different direction. Also, if you watch frame by frame at the end when it gets close to the leaves, you will see it do a sharp right turn and the continue straight, further showing it is certainly NOT a satellite.



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