Greetings dear ones, we are the Water Sprites. We come to this one as he sits by the stream, to deliver a simple, yet meaningful message.

As you watch the water flow through a creek, it is much like observing the flow of your own life. Just from the picture above, you can see there are many seeming obstacles, many rocky spots along the way. There are also many different routes the water can travel. You can also observe the moments where it is rough and turbulent, then smooth and calm, as the water moves along.

As the water travels through this creek, from far out in the mountains, it has a destination.

The water starts the journey as rain, as seemingly separate drops of water. It then lands in a foreign environment and makes its way to a creek or stream. As it travels, what was a single drop of water, is now connected back to more of Itself, it has merged with the other drops of water, to create the stream.

The single drops of water have now connected to more of who they are, more of their essence, yet they still travel. Moving through the seeming obstacles, the rocks, sticks and other debris, it continues to move, to flow.

Now, further along in the journey, but maybe short for some, it reaches the river. The small droplets of water now connect with even more of who they are, but they are not home yet. As the creek becomes the stream, the stream becomes the river. The river now flows as a larger body of water, still in constant movement, not always forward, but remaining connected. The river may be faced with bigger obstacles, large trees, bridges, sand banks and rock walls, yet the river finds a way around them, moving forward.

Then it appears, a large river mouth, a gateway.

It is a gateway back to the source of creation, a gateway back to where these tiny water droplets began, appearing to be sucked away from their home and dropped off in a foreign land. Yet the water knows its task, the water knows it will return home, the water knows that it never really left home.

The water went on a journey. A journey that it knows will happen again, but in a different place and a different moment. Leaving home, then finding the path back to the ocean.

There a many route’s it can go, each one different to the other, yet all leading to the same place, serving all forms of life on the way.

The journey of water reflects your own life. It can teach many secrets if you watch and listen.

We are the Water Sprites. We hope to flow deep into your being with this cryptic, yet simple message. Pay attention to the journey of water, it will share the secrets with you.



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