Hello everyOne.


I would like to share and update of how things are progressing energetically and what has also been occurring in my own reality.


So, quickly before the main purpose of this message. I have noticed quite a lot of third eye opening and clearing. This has been presenting personally as a bad blocked sinus, then it will just clear instantly. I Am seeing a lot more energy. Many “orbs” and beings hanging around who appear as flicks of light.

They used to appear mostly in my peripheral, but it is now becoming much more direct. More focused. Which is extremely exciting. I used to get frustrated, always seeing them from my peripheral, but now they are appearing more and more in my direct vision. Very exciting! If it is happening to you, it is such a beautiful feeling to see an amazing light appear in front of you, then its gone.. But it is such a joyful experience to see them directly, even if it is only for a split second.

Dreams… Dreams have been very revealing, then they have been totally random and strange. I take my random and strange dreams as clearings or nightly missions. The ones that seem so bizarre, I feel are an experience I need not look too deeply in to, but very important, nonetheless.

Many messages are coming through in our dream state. Remember, the messages we get during our dream state, are always in metaphors. As an example –

I had an experience the other night in my dream state, where my family and I were getting ready to go on holiday. But my dad had my favourite backpack (one I actually have). And I really wanted to take it, but he had already put all his stuff in it. My sister kept telling me “It’s ok, don’t worry” I was like what?? What do you mean it does not matter?? I felt very frustrated and upset. Dad kept saying, “No, too late, I already have my stuff in it”. This was a very frustrating experience.

So, what I eventually deciphered this to, over the next day, was; Dad had placed all of his “stuff” in my bag.. Meaning, I had taken on my dad’s baggage. I work full time with my dad, but in doing this, I have unintentionally taken on his baggage. He has taken my bag and put his crap in there without my conscious knowing! I AM now ready to reclaim my bag.

Metaphors. We must be discerning and aware when we wish to decipher these messages. There are always many underlying hints. Most importantly, be aware of your own conscious reality, when deciphering these messages.


Now, on to the most important message.


The main message of the moment, as I know many of my followers reside in the US, is; we need to let go and let it be.

I know this may be hard for some of you to do, but we just need to let go of outcomes and expectations. The result of the “winner” of the election is irrelevant. I AM not saying this in a negative way, but in a way that says, it does not matter.

If you are a que follower, then you will know right from the get-go the motto is “trust the plan” and “God is with us” then why would it be any different now? Creator has said no more to corruption, to the lies and deceit, and that is guaranteed. So why, in the final hours, would you cast doubt upon the Divine Plan?

Yes, corruption is rife, but we must also know that this may not be exposed how many would like it to be. There may not be the mass arrests and total exposure all over the news like people want. For the Light Forces are trying to keep public unrest to a minimal.

Things are always in flux, outcomes shifting and changing constantly, every moment. So, the outcomes people may be holding on to, may not manifest entirely as they wish.

What is guaranteed, is a new reality being born. A reality of peace, abundance and prosperity. This is a total given, there is no arguing about that. Prime Creator has decreed this, and it is so. But what is not guaranteed, is how this plays out. And so, to get caught up in wanting it to unfold a certain way, is likely going to lead to disappointment in one way or another. So, we need to let go.

We must let go of wanting events to unfold in a certain way. It is time to let go of seeing this or that person going to jail, for this is not up to us and out of our control. But what IS in our control, is the light, love and compassion we each can hold.

It is, and never was, about this person going to jail, or these celebrities being executed. For whom are we to wish death upon another? We must forgive, have mercy and love for all.

This means even for those who have committed heinous crimes. For peace is not created through punishment or wishing death upon another. Peace is created through loving yourself and each person upon the earth, and beyond, just as you love yourself.

I see too many people being caught up in whether he or she is a clone. Whether this person is executed or in Guantanamo. If this person is alive or dead or here or there.

In the end, are these not distractions? Is the quest to find these answers not deterring us from the inner work?

Let it go and let it be.

If these things are meant to become public knowledge, then they shall be in perfect Divine Timing. If not, are you going to let this upset you? Because if your answer is yes, then sorry, but you are still in the illusion. This message may seem abrupt or harsh, but I Am being told that we all must let go of the drama.

Who cares? The above things are irrelevant in the end. The focus is ascension of self, then planetary ascension. And the truth? We will not be taking any of the above with us. Arrests will no longer exist. Clones will no longer exist, only light bodies, for how can you truly clone another’s light? Death is already non-existent, so why should it be anyone’s concern if someone is alive or dead?

There is and has been too many purposefully placed distractions outside of ourselves. We are now being given the stern message that we all MUST shift our focus back to healing ourselves, being in service to others. You do not need to go above and beyond to do this, even the smallest things can be the biggest catalysts for change.

The entire world is a reflection of YOU. There is nothing else. All is you; you are all. Therefore, the more you improve your inner Being, the more the world reflects this. In short, heal yourself and you heal the world. It really is that simple. Worrying about the above does nothing but distract oneself from doing this.

I Am being told that it is in this Now, we must release all attachment to outcomes and how events will play out. All of it. From trafficking to election fraud, let it go.

It will play out as the Divine intends. And the more we focus on becoming the best versions of ourselves, the more positive the events will be that play out.

I AM not saying this to put anyone down or to dash your hopes of these things, for it is fine to be hopeful and optimistic. But it is not healthy to get caught up in any of this.

The parting message is to trust. Trust the plan. Trust that the Divine is in TOTAL control of all events playing out. Yes, there may still be some darkness ahead, but this is necessary to continue to wake people up. Trust, trust, trust.

Trust in YOU. Work diligently to commune with your Higher Self. Commune with your Angels and Guides. Commune with your Ancestors and loved ones who have passed. They are all here by our side. Forget outcomes or how events will unfold, stop letting those thoughts consume your beautiful energy. Focus that energy on loving yourself and those around you. You are much more powerful when you do that.

Stop wasting energy on events that we have no immediate control over. What will be will be and all is going EXACTLY to Divine Plan. Always has been, always will be.


Trust. Trust God. Trust that the light will prevail. And what does this mean literally? It means trust that you will become one with your Self, then the world will reflect that.

We are all in this together. Never separated.

Love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness are our greatest tools. And we are our greatest saviours.

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