Greetings dear brothers and sisters, I Am KaRa, it is a pleasure to greet you on the cusp of great change. For you may have heard me say, that great truths are about to unfold and that is the truth. Yes, many of you are tired of hearing this and seeing nothing from the MSM or various news outlets, but what I will say to you and what has been said through this one before, is stop looking or waiting for these changes and confirmation of these things. Know and trust that all is being taken care of, through the various Earth Alliances and that everything is in good hands, no matter how things appear in the world. Let go of needing some proof of these things and begin to live your life like they are already here and already happening, because they are!

It is through thinking you must “wait” to see or hear of these changes, that you create a buffer between these things occurring and your present reality. The more all of you, that are awakened, live your life like all the truths are already out there and released then the quicker they will manifest in the overall reality. There are many truths already coming out and those should be enough to give you confidence that the rest will be here. Know and trust in your hearts dear ones that this is all going to plan and that the truth is in the hands of the right people. Share what truth’s you already have and let that be your encouragement and fire help you know and trust that all is here now. All is in the Now and it is about pulling these things into your reality with intention. The more you wait the longer it will take, it’s that simple.

And so, what I KaRa ask you now to do, is please let go of waiting and live your life to the fullest, as if all has already happened, because it has! Stop waiting and start living, is what I have to say to you, let go of the wait and you will quickly release the buffer between what is and what has already occurred. Be in love with life and forget about needing to see changes, love and enjoy life as if the changes have already occurred.

The time is Now and it always has been Now, shift beyond the illusion of waiting and start living! Your power together is ENOURMOUS so don’t let it be squandered by waiting. The time is Now dear ones, let the wait go and watch the miracles occur. I Am KaRa and it is with love that I tell you this, as many of you are tired of “waiting” all you need to do is simply let it go and focus on the Now. I love you all dearly my brothers and sisters, children of the One.

The quicker you release the wait, the quicker we can be together again.

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