Greeting’s beloveds. We are the Sirian High Council. As always, we are pleased at the progress you are making. We are in joy at how you all take on these words and others that similar, then integrate and put into practice.

What we wish to share on today is; the place you are currently in. Many of you feel you need to be somewhere else. Meaning, many of you feel you should be further ahead on your journey, or the world should be further along. What this thought process does is slow you down. The reason it slows you down is because it takes you out of the Now moment.

When you focus on being elsewhere on your journey, you are not experiencing the moment you are in. You are removing yourself from the current experience, with the thought that you should be somewhere else or further along.

Dear ones, you are exactly where you need be, and progressing at the pace that is most suitable for you. This goes for all your brothers, sisters and the Earth herself. For if there is no time, how can anyone or anything be moving too slowly?

Ponder this question dear ones –

If there is only Now, the moment you are in, meaning, past, present and future are One, how can anything be moving too slowly? How can something be progressing too slow?


We ask that you ponder this question, for the truth lies not in the answer, but the question itself.


If there is no “time” how can something move too slowly?


We reiterate this because we want to you enjoy where you are at on your journey. We want you to fully embrace the experience of the moment, of the Now. Take it all in. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the feelings. Embrace the moment dear ones, for when you do this, you are in the eternal Now and you can ground much more energy when you are in the moment.

When you are totally immersed in the Now, you are free of any hindering thoughts. You are free of any distractions. You are just being. You are taking in all that is. For in the moment, that is all there is.

We ask that you all bring yourself back into the moment. Embrace everything around you with love and respect, for all that you see is part of the Divine. All you can touch, see and feel is part of Divine Creation. So, the more you can embrace and immerse yourself in the moment, the more you can embrace creation and the totality of God, of Love, of All That Is.


Return to the moment to create the shifts you want. Love where you are. Love who you are. Love every moment of your life on Earth, for this is what it is about, loving and learning from experience. But how can you do that if you are removed from the moment?


We are the Sirian High Council. We enjoy poking your brains and hearts, firing up those neurons and getting you to think outside of the box they wish to keep you in. Until next Sunday beloveds.

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