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Please Note – Although EnReeTah is not one of the Arcturian Beings in the image above, she appears to me just as they are shown in the image.


Greetings dearest ones, I Am EnReeTah (pronounced En-rita) and I Am here to introduce myself, to you, through this one today.

I Am a member of the Arcturian Council. I have been part of this conglomerate for more time than you can understand, as you know, we do not go by time, for all is in the Now. It is in the Now, that I speak to you, through this one and it is in the Now that I would like to introduce myself to all of you who have felt guided to read this message.

For as you may have heard, through our other brothers and sisters, it is time that we begin to make ourselves known and introduce ourselves, for there are many now who wish to connect with those of you. The time has come dear ones and a grand time it is.

There are 12 that serve on the main part of the Arcturian Council and the others will introduce themselves when the time comes, but for now I would like to step forward as the welcoming party from the Arcturian Council. So, hello dearest ones and welcome to a new dawn, the beginning of the new Golden Age. For we have watched Earth for eons and it has not been an easy task to observe all of your rises and falls, but we have allowed, as that is what we must do, allow for these things to occur and allow for the rises, falls and evolution to take place.

We of the Arcturian’s, are brilliant healers, and as you may have heard, we have some of the most advanced healing ships in the Galaxy. And so, it is as we begin to introduce ourselves you will begin to accustom yourselves to our energies, if you so wish. It is, as I deliver this message, it carries light codes of my own essence and also that of the Councils essence, as we are a collective, but we are also individual souls as well. We know and understand our oneness, our connection to Source and also our connection to you, our dear brothers and sisters.

And so I, EnReeTah, of the Arcturian Council, happily introduce myself to all of you and I will begin to accustom you to my own energy if you so ask. But you must ask and give permission if you wish to connect with me dear ones, as I cannot invade your energy. It is only through your gentle permission that I will reach out to you, otherwise, I shall just let you be, and it will be so.

So, as I finish my message, know that you have so many of your dear brothers and sisters, your families, that you have left long ago, when you volunteered to assist dear Gaia in her evolution and return to her true self, standing by, ready to greet and assist you.

It is with such joy, that I watch you all reach out a helping hand for one anther and your dear Mother Earth. We are here to assist you, to return a helping hand to Mother Earth, as she is in need of great assistance now, from the damage that has been done to Her BEing. But stress not dear ones, as this will be a task of joy and unconditional love, as you start to step forth in a myriad of ways, to help Her and help your fellow Humans.

Our main role in your journey in its current stage is to assist with healing, healing that of the Collective and the wounds of Mother Earth. But know that we cannot just step in, clear and heal all that is out of alignment in the Collective. It is as you, as an individual and a collective, heal that which is in the collective, is when are able to assist. We are able to assist through you, but we cannot do the work for you. We can assist with healing energies and our ships, but you must ask. Ask that we help you in your own healing and even ask to come aboard our ships in your sleep state so we can help to remove any unpleasant energies within you Being. We are here to assist dear ones, but please remember to ask and give permission.

Know that I, En’Ree’Tah, and we of the Arcturian Council, are here to help you in any way we have permission to. Know that we are here now more than ever before, and we are eager to begin making contact, such as this, with you all.

I Am En’Ree’Tah and I step forth, as a member of the Arcturian council, to be with you in this now and introduce myself to you all. I look forward to meeting many of you now, know that a bright future awaits you dear ones, I love you all deeply.


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