Greetings dear ones, we are the Sirian High Council. We come forth today with words to inspire you, to push through these tough stages of planetary liberation.


Many of you are feeling disheartened now, and this is totally understandable. The reason many of you are feeling this way, is due to the fact you are assisting to heal the collective wounds of the past. You are helping to heal the pain and sorrow of days gone by. Times when you were prosecuted and persecuted for you beliefs when you were forcefully silenced. This is now playing out in the form of being forced to wear masks and the truth being heavily censored.

This was carried out in past times as witch hunts, burning at the stake, stoning’s and many types of brutal torture and treatment. In a way, you must be grateful that this is not occurring with such brutality, yet it feels much the same.

The pain many of you are feeling, the suppression and restriction are the old wounds playing out to be healed and released from the collective. We ask that you see it as so. We ask that you take the opportunity to consciously assist in releasing these traumas and wounds. We ask that you stand in your truth with this knowing.

Much of the sorrow and pain you feel is not from this life, but so many lifetimes gone by. We ask that you take these feelings and emotions into your heart space and love them. Acknowledge what they are and where they come from, then transmute them with love.


You need not walk around feeling that life is terrible and all is lost, for nothing is lost and you have everything to gain.


The more you become conscious of this great healing, the easier it is to navigate the energies. We have said previously through this one “Be ready to clear as the tipping point nears”. Dear ones, this is the tipping point we speak of. We will have the one Zane attach our previous message at the bottom of this one, so you may reflect on what was said.

We spoke of great amounts of energy being released from Mother Earth and the Human Collective, and this is the moment you are now in. All the past wounds are now coming to the surface so that you, the light warriors and workers, can transmute and heal them through your heart space.

Pending on your sensitivity and capacity to heal these wounds, some of you will feel them more than others. Many of you are experiencing chest and back pain. Some of you are having difficulty with your breath and some may have blurry or distorted vision at times. This is due to energies coming into your body that require healing and releasing.

Some of you will literally feel the pain of the past. The burning, lashings and other means of human punishment may present in your physical bodies. Dear ones, we ask that you remain conscious of what is happening and when you feel discomfort arise. Take these aches and pains into your heart, then love and forgive them.

For only love and forgiveness can heal the wounds and trauma of the past. You can not heal what was by holding grudges or hatred for those who committed such atrocities. You must have mercy for them. You must love them, and you need to forgive them.

Dear ones, we will say that the energies will only grow stronger as your capacity to heal also grows. But this need not be a hard and arduous task, if you only remind yourself of what has been said.


You need only love greater than these hurts to heal.


Be conscious of this as you go about your day. For many of you frequent sites where these acts were committed, and you pick up on the old energies. You are doing this because you came here knowing you can easily heal these wounds. It need not be hard, although at times it may be hard on your physical body. But the more you can apply what we have said, the easier this process will be, and the smoother the transition will be.

Reflect on what we have said in the previous message below, love who you are and what you came here to do.

Love and forgive the past, for it is the only way forward. To hold onto anger and hurt only stalls progress.

We are always here to assist when things seem too much or too difficult. Call upon us and your many helpers in Spirit, ask that we assist to alleviate any tension or aches and pains. But always remember, it is the heart and the unconditional love it provides that will see you through this.


Trust dear ones. For you are the way forward in truth and light.


We are the Sirian High Council. We continue to support and guide you ever forward, back to your natural way of BEing.


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Be Ready to Clear, as the Tipping Point Nears – Sirian High Council



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