Greetings Dear Ones. We are the Sirian High Council.


It brings us great joy to continue these transmissions with you. As we align the energy of the Sirian system, with all of you who choose to do so. We are grateful for the hard work and effort you all put in, so please make sure you thank yourself every day. Even those of you who feel you could or “should” be doing more, you are all doing just as you need. Some of you are not here to do any specific task, but to just be yourself. To enjoy life and the journey you are on. You all play different roles, and none is greater than the other. They are all important for your own growth, and that of the planet.

We come to you today in such joy and love. We are in joy to see you working with the invocations we shared last week. Many of you have taken great care in using what was given through this one. We have been assisting to return to you what you are calling forth. Some of you may see your guides and family flash by as a beautiful blue light. Others may smell a sweet scent in the air and have no idea where it may have come from. Many of you have synchronicities occur, when you have a thought come to you, then something in the outer has reflected that back to you not long after. As we said in the previous message, the possibilities are endless and these are just to name a few.

Dear ones, we come today with a message of importance. One that you must focus on in the moments ahead.

You are now moving into a stage, where the forces of light are ready to begin clearing the remaining dense energy and anomalies, in and around the planet, and within yourself. During this process, many of you may become unsettled at times, as this clearing is going to create some distortion in your reality from the energies which are moving about. During this period, it is especially important to have a strong, grounded connection to your inner world. Hence the reason we have asked that you work with the invocations given previously.

It is during these moments of distortion that you may find yourself off balance or in a bit of a daze. This is due to much clearing being done in the etheric, astral and below the surface. This must cause some disruption in the surface, due to the energies releasing. Therefore, we have asked you continue to call forth your truth, your God Self. We ask that you ground regularly into nature, or if you are unable to, that you stretch your roots deep down into Mother Earths core. Grounding yourself into the Earth, as a brilliant tree of light, ready to withstand any turbulence that comes your way. For there will be turbulence dear ones.

We wish for you to understand, that due to the many systems, energies and programs put into place by the dark ones, there must be turbulence as they are released. This is now approaching as you move closer to the second half of your year. This is what we are preparing you for, so you may stand tall as the winds of change swirl around the planet. No energy can knock you down, when you are fully anchored in your truth, in your divine light and love.

There is much to soon occur in the form of clearings. These clearings are taking place thanks to your allies in government, and from your beloved families off planet. If you wish to understand more of what we speak, we have shared a message through this one previously titled “Be Ready to Clear as the Tipping Point Nears”. We shared this message last year as to better prepare you all. We suggest you revisit it now, as it will give you further insight as to what is coming. We will have the one Zane attached a link at the bottom of this message.

Dearest brothers and sisters on the ground, we ask you to be ready and hold the line. Much is now occurring in the astral, as more and more distortion is being cleared. Many of you may experience dreams where you are in battle situations and scenarios, these are representing of what we speak. The dark forces are at their time of demise, but they will not go without a fight. Therefore, you must be anchored in your truth, and that truth is; you are a Divine Sovereign Being that is an extension of Creator. You are made of pure love energy. This is your core truth. So, we share the following affirmation that we ask you use as much as possible.


I AM always connected to and supported by my stream of unconditional love. I AM a BEing of peace, harmony and compassion. I AM anchoring this truth into my physical vessel each and every moment. I AM a Divine Sovereign BEing experiencing life on the earth plane. I AM never separate from my Source of unconditional love. So be it.  


Beloveds, this is the time to stand in your power and be anchored in your truth. For you will experience some turbulence before you move out of the dark clouds and into the bright blue sky. Have faith and trust that we are fully supporting you every step of the way. The support you have is endless, so you never need worry about doing this alone. We love you all dearly. We are all here to see this mission come to full fruition. We are all here to see the Earth returned to her natural beauty and elegance, although, Gaia herself always has been, we speak of the expression of reality upon her.

Stand in your power beloveds. Call it forth in every moment. You will be surprised how easy you can shift your energy when you honestly believe it to be so. Stretch your roots deep beloveds, shine your light and truth for all to see. This is not the time to become lazy or complacent, this is a time for you to shine brighter than ever before.


We are the Sirian High Council. Have patience and faith dear ones. Stand in your truth, for in your truth, nothing and no-one can bend or break you. We send our love, peace and blessings.

Be Ready to Clear as the Tipping Point Nears –


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