I Am KaRa. As always, it is a pleasure to be able to speak to you in this manner, but know that these times are quickly changing, and soon it will be all of you, who will be able to connect with those of us, in the manner that this one and the many other channels do. For that is where you are all heading, those of you who read and resonate to these words, you are all shifting into an expanded state of consciousness, that will easily allow the telepathic communication to those of us on the ships, but not only those of us who are in “space”, but also those of the Tree and Plant Kingdom, the animals, the birds, the whales, all is consciousness so therefore you can talk to all Beings upon and within the Earth, even a rock, a rock can hold great tales for it has withstood the tests of time and seen many come and go. So, I ask that you begin to do this, begin to open up to those around you and start to practice talking to the trees, the birds and so on. If they wish to speak then you will surely get a response, but it is about you, as the individual, to be able to tune into the response, and know when it is another Being speaking back to you or when it is just your mind chatter. Once you practice and keep practicing, you will build great discernment with this beautiful gift.


But what I, KaRa, came to speak about today is another matter.


I come to you today through this one, to speak about letting go, for many of you still cling on to that which does not serve you or that which is not part of your journey any longer. But what I wish to talk about in specific, is people you still cling on to. There are many of you who will read these words that still have attachments to others, whether it be your family or friends. You are attached to the thought that, they will be joining you on your journey or they will be moving ahead with you, and for many of you, this is not the case. There are those of you who still have family and friends that are asleep, and it is those of you who I now talk to. If you are reading my words and get an image or the name of a person come to you, then it is you who I Am speaking to.

These people may be your close family or friends, and we see that you are still attached to the thought, that they may soon wake up and then continue on the journey with you, and this dear ones, is holding you back on your own ascension journey. This is not to say that you must cut these people from your life or cease talking to them, not at all, what I Am saying is, you need to let go of them and let go of hoping they may soon join you on the journey forward. This is not your worry or your concern. We see there are many of you who still have these people in your life, and you cling to the hope that they will soon understand ascension, and then be right beside you. Yes, they may indeed awaken soon, or they may not, but this is not of your worry and if they are to awaken, then they will come to you when need be.

Let them go dear ones. Let go of holding onto them with the hope that all will shift for them and then they will be part of your journey, for this is not your worry and it only seeks to hold your own progress back.

Let go of worrying about if those you know or the one you love will be ascending. I know these words may seem harsh in a third dimensional sense, but you must understand, that holding on to these dear ones, also holds back their own progress forward. Their journey is their journey, just as your journey is yours. They do not tell you how to move forward, and so, it is for you now to let them go and be the captain of their own ship. If they are supposed to be part of the ascension, then that will happen when the time is right, but for now, you must let them go.


Just let them be, let things unfold as they should, and all will be in perfect Divine Time.

I say this now, as we have been preparing you, we have been preparing those of you who resonate to these words and other messages that are similar. It is through this preparation, we have been readying you to step into your missions more fully, but to be able to do this, you must have no attachments, you need to have let go of everything but your inner truth and light.

It is through this preparation, that we have been doing alongside your team of guides and Higher Self, that is readying you to take up your new roles as Custodians of the Earth and to be open to many great new tasks that are to soon begin. This is not to say that you will be suddenly whisked away from your family on a ship, never to return, no, for some of you this is a possibility, but not likely. It is to say, you are not flexible with these attachments still with you. You may be required to move elsewhere or begin a new career, and these attachments will hold you back and keep you in what was, for nothing is as it seems dear ones and you are about to see this become manifest. So know, that if you are ready to step into your new roles, then you must be fully ready to let go, this goes for people, places and things, it is a time of new beginnings but first the old must be shed.

Many great, new roles, are waiting for you, and we see the majority of you are ready to step forth, but there are also those of you struggling to let go and this message will provide those of you, who are struggling, with the will power to do so. We are here to assist you all, we have much to learn from and share with each other, but you must be ready to do this. So those of you who have had a name or person come to you, that is one you are still holding on to and if you so choose, we will assist you in cutting the cords and letting go. But again, this is not to say that they will disappear from your life, for some, yes, this may be true, but what I speak of is an energetic letting go, cutting the emotional cords to these ones and then letting things just be, be as they should and unfold as they should.


Let go and let it be dear ones. You all have a programmed habit of holding on, and if you so wish, it is time to now end this program. We will know if you are truly ready and if so, we will be there to assist in doing so.


I AM KaRa, I hope my words today are able to assist those of you struggling to move on, I hope these energies provided, are able to create a shift and release within. All is well dear ones, all is as it should be and it will continue to be that way, but you must continue to let go and keep moving forward, holding on only distorts your reality and slows your progress.


I love you all, my brothers, my sisters, we look forward to the times that are here and Now.

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