Greetings dear brothers and sisters. I wish today to share today from my heart to yours.

Many have asked and wonder what is happening in Australia. The truth is, the illusion of separation and division is being amplified to an extent never seen before. Families separated, split apart by imaginary “borders” and barriers. Barriers that are a small piece of plastic, separating one state from the other. Denying access to those who do not meet the “criteria”.

Parents unable to see their children. Families unable to see loved ones who are facing their last days, many alone and in no physical contact with the ones who care most for them. Isolated and cut off. This is the current illusion being perpetuated in our once sane country.

As everyday humans in our country struggle to work, make an income and provide for their family, national sports go on. Teams allowed to travel, free of “exemptions” around the country. The seeming state “borders” that are holding hard working human’s hostage, do not apply to most involved in national sports, media and politics. I also know there are some who are involved with this that do not agree, and I thank you.

I write this whilst living in my work factory with my father, separated from my family and home by an imaginary state border line. If I chose to cross the border line to return home, I will be told by police and the army that I Am not allowed to return to my workplace because I am not essential.

This is Australia.

Endless lock-downs, restrictions and forced quarantine or isolation.


Being forced to isolate yourself from friends, family and loved ones, otherwise you cannot enter. It’s a sad reality in this moment. But it is a reality that will also force us to become sovereign and whole.

If we are unable to see those we love, then we must learn to wholly and completely love ourselves. If we are unable to do this, then we will fall deeper into the illusion of separation. If we continue into this place of despair, then we will ultimately lose connection with our true essence.

It is not easy to write these words, but it is necessary. It is not easy to be away from my loved ones, but I know and trust that it is helping me to grow and evolve into my True Self. So, I must trust. We must trust and have faith that this effort to amplify the illusion is all they have left.

They want people down and out, isolated and alone. Separate from all they know and hold dear to them, but we cannot falter. We cannot crumble. We cannot abide.

Even if we are unable to stand in public and make our voice heard, we must do so within. We must claim our sovereignty within. For after all, there is only You. Nothing exists without You. Nothing can be created or changed without You. You are it. You are the saviour and messiah you seek. Not a politician or BEing from the sky, it is You and only You that will shift this illusion.

I speak now to all my Sisters, all my Brothers. We can no longer seek the answers outside, we must find them within, then we must create the world we wish to live upon.

We can no longer interact with the illusion as we have. We can no longer be dictated by rules and regulations of a corrupt reality. We must start anew.

We must be the change, and this can only come from within, for there is no without.

To all my Sisters and Brothers in despair, turmoil and chaos, turn away from it. Do not be involved. This does not mean sit back and watch the world burn, certainly not, this means reclaim your power and sovereignty. It is only the perpetuated illusion that makes you believe you have no power or freedom. It is the repeated news and programming that tells you there is no freedom, and your life is restricted, this is illusion.

You can travel wherever you like in your minds eye. You can visit your loved ones and family overseas without leaving your bedroom. Do not be limited by the physical, instead, reclaim your spiritual.

I know these words may seem harsh to some, to people who just wish to hug someone, but this is where we must truly embrace our spiritual nature. For how do our Spirit and Star Families visit us? They do not travel in cars, by planes, road or train, they use their truth to visit us. This truth being that all is energy, never separated, never divided. They travel through thought and intention, facts the illusion wishes to bury, never to be attained again. But that will not happen, for we will not let it happen.

The present moment is extremely hard and challenging, but once we can understand and learn that it is all illusion, the sooner we can free ourselves from it.

We need no cars, planes or trains to feel the love of our families, we merely need trust, love and pure intentions.

This may seem far off in the moment, but it is to be our ultimate reality. So why wait? Why wait for the illusion to grant us an exemption to live?

Its time.

It is time to fully welcome and embrace our inherent ability to move freely. To be navigators of the cosmos. Sovereign BEings. In truth, love and light. For they are our real truths, not a plastic barricade or imaginary state lines.

Dream, imagine and create. For this is our creation. This is YOUR creation. Reclaim your right to create from a place of love and compassion. Forget the illusion and its physical rules, for we are not that. We chose to experience it; we also chose to create it.

Its time to create anew. A new way of living, of BEing and doing.

Love, compassion and forgiveness are our greatest allies. It is time to call them forth and leave the old behind.

We are all in this together. We are not separated or dived by anything but our own thoughts.

Let your imagination fly.


Peace, love and blessings.



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