Greetings dear Ones, I AM Nee’Ka of the Siriun system. I come to you in this moment, to introduce myself and my energies to you, if you so choose to accept them.

I AM part of the Cetacean collective of Sirius. I have been working with the Earth and her waters for eons, I have no age as I have no time, all is timeless and in the Now, ever moving and flowing, just as the waters do, never aging yet changing, flowing around whatever obstacles may be present, and that is to be the focus and intention of my message today.

I Am here to share some insights, as to help you move through your surroundings with much more ease and grace, just as the waters flow seamlessly around the rocks and trees, you too can move through your reality with the same elegance. There is much occurring on and within your Earth at this time of great upheaval and change. Upheaval of the old, outdated system, of control and power-over, and change to a new system where everyone is One with the Earth, and all people are equal.

In these times of upheaval, there and many energies being released upon and within the Earth. She is releasing all negative and dense energies, that have plagued her for far too long. These are the energies you need to navigate and flow through, rather than getting caught up in, just as a stick or log might get caught up in the rough flowing rapids, you too can get caught up in the energies that are swirling and releasing, if you are not aware at all times.

The way you navigate these energies, with as much ease as possible, is to be constantly aware of your inner thoughts and feelings. You must monitor these as often as possible, to keep yourself flowing with the high vibrations and to stop yourself getting swept away in a flurry of dense energies. There is still much to be released from the Earth, as dear Gaia is just entering the midst of her releasing stage. I do not say this to cause fear, but rather awareness. I would like you all to be aware, that there is still much to be done, before you are able to fully embrace the new Earth reality that awaits you. When I say there is much to be done, I do not mean to say that you will be spending many more years releasing that which was, no, not at all, I say this to indicate that the moments where large bursts of old and dense energy will be released, are yet to come. You are only just scraping the surface, of clearing out the old guard within your political sphere and when this begins to occur more fully, that will be some indication of the approximate moments, when large pockets of energy will be released. This can be a fairly quick process, pending on the state of awareness and consciousness that you all hold.

The quickest and easiest way to move through and navigate this process, is to focus on the beauty in your life and upon the Earth. You must remain aware of the thoughts that are continually coming into your awareness. Is it of a peaceful, loving vibration? Or is it one of worry and fear? Those of the latter must be let go of, they do not serve you and you must not dwell upon them, instead, observe them, become aware of them and then simply let them go. I say this, as when these energies are released, there will be many of these thought forms and negative emotions, that will seep out into the Human Collective, after all, much of this energy was created by you in the days gone by, so it is up to those of you, who are awake and aware, to be the transmuters of said energies.

Focus on the love that you are and always will be, anything that is of a lower vibration is NOT you dear ones, so let it go, let it dissolve back into the nothingness it came from. These things are artificial, they are a false construct, rather cleverly set up to keep you bound to the lower planes.


What you need to do is rather quite simple, it is only the lower ego that seeks to complicate things.


You are here to assist in the transmutation of an entire planet and her collective, so you are more than experienced to do so. Call upon that experience, call upon the light within your heart to help guide you through this, do not fall victim to tricks and illusion of the ego, and from those who seek to control. You navigate these energies with ease when you maintain a clear connection with your heart space, be in your heart and not your head. The heart is what guides you to truth, let this truth speak to you and help you move through all this commotion.

There is much to occur in the coming months that is to help trigger the release of these energies, so the more you focus on the good in life and see the beauty that surrounds you, even if it appears you are living in a place of poverty or destruction, make it your duty to find the beauty within it. Look for the blossoming flowers that may poke out of the sidewalk, or the trees that line a street, they are here for the same reason you are and come from the same source as you, see and feel their beauty and let that be the light that guides you.

There are many “natural disasters” occurring around the planet, but those too are part of this release that is occurring, they are only something to be feared if you so choose to fear them. We send so much love and light to all that are in the middle of these events, whether people, plants or animals, but deep within their being, they know that they chose to be part of these events and it is only fear that keeps them from seeing this.

Many are coming together because of these occurrences and they are helping to unite people who may have never even spoken before. So, what you must do is see the beauty and unity these events helping to create. Stay in your heart and do not fear or see these as negative, see it all through the eyes of love, through the heart, through the eternal love that is within you. Love these events and those soon to come, do not see them as negative, for that will only intensify the situation.

You are here to be and see love in all that is around you, that is how you be like the flowing waters, not becoming stuck and trapped, but flowing onward with ease and grace. This grace is within each and every one of you. You all have the individual and collective power to make this process as smooth as possible. We can only do so much from our positions, you are the ones directly experiencing it, so you will be the ones to have the biggest impact on what is occurring.

Be in love dear ones, it is in love that you flow like the stream around any obstacles or barriers. Your heart is where you truly reside, and it is the heart that will get you through this.

I AM Nee’Ka and it has been an honor to address you and the situations you currently face. Flow through the love that connects All, move with ease as you navigate your reality and the clearing which is occurring. We are with you more now than ever before, and we support you in every way we are permitted to. We love you dearly and commend you for the work you do. Be in peace dear ones.

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