Greetings dearest hearts, I Am Ashtar and I greet you from the bridge of the New Jerusalem. We are about to step into the next phase in the process of removing the dark ones from your planet and speeding up the liberation of Mother Gaia and all of humanity.


As this next stage commences, please know that there may be some apparent turmoil as these so-called leaders are dealt with. I will not go in to detail about what is to occur, but what I will say is that things are about to get a little hot and heavy for those that refuse to budge from their positions of seeming power. Power must be restored to the people and Mother Earth, it is taking too much of a toll on Her and Her peoples to keep this illusion running, and so we have been given the go ahead by Prime Creator to now step up our efforts in removing this plague from your lives. There will be certain situations that will occur that shall give you and indication of this happening. I know and understand many of you are still seeking some sort of big announcement or sign that this is in fact the case, and what I tell you dear ones, is that when you finally see that announcement or hear that one has been taken away, you will be brought to tears. But do not wait until you see this or hear that announcement, instead see it in your third eye, see it in your visualisations all that you wish to occur. See these so called “power figures” being led away in handcuffs, see their positions being taken up by those of the light and those that seek only the best for the Earth and Her people. See all those that are still fighting the inevitable waving white flags, how ever you want to visualize this great change over, let it come to you. But also forgive those as you do this, do not feel hate or anger towards them, for that only slows the process. Instead, forgive them for the wrongs they have done and love them, love them like you love all those around you, for they are lost. They have been deceived and became so caught up in the illusion, they forgot they also have their own inner light that shines, their own connection to God/Source/Prime Creator. When you see them being led away or giving up their positions of power, also see that light that burns within them, and maybe one day they will come to realise the same thing.

And so dear ones, as these events take place there will also be many waves of energy being sent forth to compensate for the anger and hatred many will feel, and that, dearest Earth children, is where you must anchor this energy. For it is you, our dear volunteers to the Earth plane, that must anchor the waves, these streams of energy entering the Earth. For without our anchors, our dear lights in the dark, this would not be possible. So, remember that as these things occur and as you feel the energies surge, take the energies into your being, into your heart. and then anchor them into the Earth. You are here for this reason and you have no idea of the massive contribution you are having on this great changeover. So, my dear ones, be in joy as you head into the coming months and know that nothing is as it seems. You are all giant beacons of hope and light, anchoring your very essence and the love and light of Mother/Father God into this realm. For nothing is to remain the same. Welcome to your future dear ones, please enjoy the show. I Am Ashtar and I leave you now, but know that I Am always with you, watching over you as you go about your task of altering a whole planet and the reality upon it.


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Thank you for understanding. Love and Light, Zane.

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