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Here you will find the Enchanted Images that are available for print purchase.
Please know that not all images are available in the same sizes, as some images have been cropped from larger images, so in doing this it has made the printable image smaller. I AM providing the best sizes for a clear crisp print.
Thank you for understanding. 

Mary Magdalene

This picture is of Mary Magdalene and two Siriun Light Ships. This image connects us to Mary Magdalene, activates the Divine Feminine energies within and opens our connection to the wisdom from Sirius. It creates a connection of the Heart/Mind. Mary Magdalene holds the energies of the Divine Feminine within this image which help to activate the Light Codes of the Divine Feminine, while the two Siriun Light Ships hold the energies of the great universities on Sirius. These two powerful combinations bring a balance of wisdom and nurturing into the physical body and the area the picture is located in.

Mother Mary

The main white orb in this photo is Mother Mary and the orb below her is one of her Guardian Angels. She is helping to provide the beautiful purple colour, the energy of Divine Feminine, to the sunset. This picture connects you with Mother Mary and provides energies of comfort and nurturing to us and the space around it.

Fire Dragon

This is a Fire Dragon. This image carries the energies of the Fire Dragons and helps clear away any dark, negative or dense energy within the physical body and the area the picture is placed in. This is one of my favourite images. It also helps to purify the heart chakra and open it up to the 5th dimensional energies streaming in. It acts as a connection to the Dragon Consciousness.

Pigeon Messenger

This photo is of a pigeon. I have a close connection to the birds and pigeon came to me with a message, it was that I need to begin sharing my work with the world. This photo strengthens our intuition and helps create a smooth line to the messages we receive from spirit. It also connects us to the Animal Kingdom, especially the birds. Birds are here to act as teachers for us, so working with this image will help build that connection and make it easier to understand their messages.

Siriusly Siriun

This image contains faces of our family from Sirius. The photo activates our connection to our Star Family and helps bring through the wisdom of Sirius. As Sirius is known as the God Star and is the brightest star in our night sky, it also helps to brighten our own inner God Star.

Sanuu and Family

This picture is of Sanuu, who is a Lemurian Elder and one of my guides, beside an Arcturian Light ship, in which you can see one of their faces. This image activates the Light Codes of Lemuria and opens your connection to the Lemurians. The Arcturian energy of this image offers healing and love from Arcturus.

Archangel Michael

This is Archangel Michael. The image connects you to His protective energies and enables you to help speak your truth more clearly. This picture helps to provide a safe space for yourself and those around you.

Dragon Collective

This image contains the energy of the Dragons. Your connection to the dragons will be strengthened. It will cleanse and purify you and the area you have the image in, it will also help to protect the space.

PLEASE NOTE – This print will be available in only a limited number of 100 prints per size.  

Star Family

This picture contains many Light Ships from our Star Family. You may see the smaller black Ship that is near the centre of the image, there are also many Ships within the clouds that you may or may not see. Poseidon is also helping to create this beautiful sunset, you may be able to see his face. This image will help connect you to your Star Family and will activate Light Codes that are within you from your home worlds.

PLEASE NOTE – This print will be available in only a limited number of 100 prints per size.

Water and Earth Dragons

In this picture is the faces of a Water Dragon and a Earth Dragon, you may see their faces straight away or it may take some time. The Earth Dragon helps to clear old and negative energy that may be below the area you have the photo in, it will also help to ground you into Mother Earth. The Water Dragon will make sure that while the Earth Dragon is cleansing and clearing, that the energies are flowing as they should be. The Water Dragon helps to bring in fresh energy once the Earth Dragon has cleared the land. 

Galactic Federation of Light

In this image is the face of a Feline Being from the Galactic Federation of Light. The Galactic Federation of Light is made up of many different Star Systems and Planets, that all work in unity for the betterment of the Universe and beyond. This image helps to bring unity and balance into your life. It also connects you with the Feline Beings and the Galactic Federation. 

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