Hello everyone, today I AM guided to share some insights and words from our Divine Mother, which I have been downloading and integrating over the last week. I have been given this information to be able to put it into my own words and convey to you in a simple way we can all innerstand (thanks Chris Freak for this new word I love).

What I will be sharing today came to me in many ways, and I have been processing it over the last week. So, what you will be reading today is from both my heart and the heart of our Divine Mother. We ask that you use these words to find your own understanding of what is currently occurring in the world, and as always, take what resonates and leave what does not. I alone do not have the answers but am simply a vessel for which information can be transmitted through.

What I AM sharing today is my interpretation of what the Divine Mother has given me. As many of you might know, the internet is currently being censored to an extreme, so I will do my best to share in a way you can understand without giving them too much to pick up on.


Our Divine Mother wishes that I share on what is currently occurring on the planet, in relation to the illness. She wishes I provide an understanding from a broader perspective so we can then shift what is happening.

One of the first messages I received is “The illness is not man-made”. The illness is NOT man-made. What did this mean to me? It had me puzzled at the time… The illness is not man-made…. Then driving to work the other morning, it dawned on me! What she was telling me is, the illness is not MAN made, meaning; although it was created in a lab by what appears to be humans, on a conscious level, they are far from human. They are sinister forces that are occupying a human body. Although they wear human flesh, their consciousness is far from being human. These forces have taken over or are occupying human vessels.

What these ones have done is take over the Host Body, they have manipulated their way into a body, into the consciousness of man, and that is what they are trying to do globally. As many of you probably know, there are also the shapeshifters, who appear human but are merely mimicking the human body, and this is exactly what she meant by saying, it is not MAN made, because man, humans, did not create this illness. So, what we are now witnessing, is a sinister force trying to take over human consciousness, and you are witnessing this everyday if you look at the news briefly.

The ones who are parading as A n t i f a and the ones who are causing destruction and chaos in the U S A are being controlled by these ones, and most of them are not even aware of it. This is how they can cause chaos and destruction, without even showing their true form, they are parasites, parasites that literally invade human consciousness and cause so much dis-ease and destruction.

They can do this by; brainwashing and manipulating people to lower their vibration to such a level, where they can literally jump in and begin to occupy the mind. This occurs in ways such as-

When a person is filled with so much hate, anger and fear, the main keys to lowering vibration. Therefore, they are causing so much anger and division in the U S, so they are then able to trigger those who are already in negatively altered state of consciousness. It can also be done by bombarding people with low vibrational thought forms and emotions. They send out waves, like directed energy weapons, at a target person, so all day they are bombarded with negative thoughts, in turn creating much anger and rage. It is trickery like this, which then gives them a backdoor into a person’s consciousness, and in severe cases, control over the physical body.

Therefore, we must be constantly aware of how we are feeling and always monitoring our thoughts, because this is a battle within consciousness, a battle for the human mind.

These ones are trying to alter the consciousness of man, to such an extent, we are unable to remember who we are at a soul level. They are trying to stop us from activating our C H R I S T consciousness. They are trying to break us down and put us in submission, this is part of the lockdown and mask strategy, to break a person down and remove their identity, their uniqueness. But know, that the forces of good have twisted this strategy, in such a way they have been using it for numerous rescue missions and to also capture dark agents. So please, do not think that all is lost, for it is quite the opposite, they just want you to think and feel that there is no hope, but they could not be more wrong.

I have been given the following affirmations for us to use, to assist in reversing their dark spells and to help the truth prevail. Use these as often as possible and share them far and wide. The more of us who use these, the more potent they are.


Affirmation to reverse dark spells –

H O L Y  S P I R I T, please completely shut down ALL satanic energy originating from or going to Saturn. I command this be done in the name of Y E S H U A. So it is.


Affirmation to let the truth prevail –

G O D Almighty, there is so much disinformation, please stop it from multiplying and help clear it up with truth, so that people can truly use their hearts and discern. So it is.


Use this as often as possible, if you can, memorize them and say them to yourself throughout the day. I AM also hearing now that if you encounter any negative energies or disinformation you can use these to transmute and reverse the energies.

They have lost the battle in the physical, so now they are trying to become physical and carry on their dark deeds. It is a battle for the psyche of man. They are trying to imprison the mind and destroy the heart so they may take over, but this will certainly not happen. There are too many individuals awake and aware for this to occur, but this does not mean they will stop in their efforts, they will fight until the very last moment, the moment of the Great Solar Flash. So, until then we must stay positive and share the truth whenever the moment arises.

Do not fall for negative reporting and disinformation. Stay centred, grounded and in your heart space. Your heart space is where your true light shines. Speak your truth as often as possible, but without intruding in another’s space. Forgive those who are lost and confused, for many of them are being manipulated without even knowing so. Have mercy and love for these souls. The more love we are all able to hold for the planet, the quicker we can move through this process. Yes, it is tiring, but know this is also a time of rest, release and renewal, so honour your body and spirit.

We are in the final battle for humanity, even though the light has already prevailed, how we go about it, determines the way it is going to play out. We make this as peaceful as possible by remaining calm, but vigilante.

Call upon the Divine Mother to nurture you in times of despair or frustration, it is ok to feel like this. Allow yourself to be wrapped in Her loving embrace, taking away any energies that are not needed. You are safe in her arms, always held in her love and warmth. She says –

Do not fear, but love. Do not have anger, but compassion. Do not fall in sorrow but be wrapped in my eternal presence. Be held by me. Be held within your heart space, within the cosmic blanket of love that your soul is intertwined with. Hope is not lost but found. Love is not gone but abundant. Be open to all I have to offer, for it is in my embrace you can remember who you are. It is in my embrace you can return to Self. You are infinite dear ones, pure love in embodiment. Take my words and wrap them around you. There is only light ahead. Do not stress nor fear, for you are always where you need be. My love echo’s through your heart and across the Earth. I AM you. I AM within you, just as you are within me.


And that is where I will leave it.

My peace, love and blessings to everyOne 🙏


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