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Gratitude and Blessings,

Welcome to Coded Clothing.

I have been divinely inspired and guided to create a series of symbols. These symbols are intended to connect and harmonize us with the natural world. They are created with the intention of harmonizing the body. To bring us into alignment with our natural rhythm and the Earth.

I AM co-creating these symbols with Mother Earth, the Elemental’s, Deva’s and Tree Consciousness. We are creating these designs to assist us to tune into the frequency of the natural world.

This symbol will assist to; align our energy centers and anchor the codes of each design into our body and the area around us.

When carrying these symbols we will help to bring the Earth back to her natural state. Although the symbols may not appear complex or intricate, it is all about intention. The energy associated with the symbols reflects the intention behind it. Intention is a very powerful tool, whether used in a positive or negative way. So the intention behind my symbols is that of service to humanity, mother earth and her natural world.

I intend that every symbol is to be of the highest and purest vibration. To assist in spreading the love and light of the natural world and align us with the natural rhythm of the Universe.  

Coded Clothing a way of giving thanks and gratitude to Mother Earth, the Elemental world and our beloved Tree Guardians. They have endured so much suffering from our ignorance, so it is now time to return the service.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer. 🙏😊🌲🌏




Orders will be placed once a week so please allow 1 week for your order to be created.

Also, only certain shipping types can be sent from Australia. I have added the cheapest option as a Flat Rate to your specified zone.

There are also some zones I cannot ship to from Australia. If your zone does not appear at checkout, please email me at tapestryofcreation@outlook.com and I will do my best to organize shipping to you.

Thank you for understanding.


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