Blessings EveryOne,

As the world seems to darken, we are given a choice. We are being given the choice, as to whether we let love rule or let fear conquer our lives. Unfortunately, due to the many programs running in the collective and within the individual, many are choosing fear.


One thing must be made clear before I proceed; Fear is the real virus. Total fear is the ultimate goal for those who seek dominance and control.


So how do we assist those who are trapped in this programming? How do we assist our fellow brothers and sisters who have succumbed to this propaganda of fear, from total media manipulation and lies?

We assist them by standing in our power. We assist them by showing that we are not living in constant fear or worry. We lead by example.

When we stand in our power and in a place of complete peace and love, we then radiate that energy out to all those around us. Even though, they may be deep in the fear program, at some level they will feel our love, our calmness, and it will trickle into their BEing.

We do not act out in anger, frustration or hate. We walk about in love and gratitude, for this blessing to be on the earth at this time. We wake up and give thanks to be here, then we fill our day with joy and things we are grateful for.

There is currently much drama unfolding in the United States, and we do not assist our brothers and sisters who live there by getting swept up in the drama. Instead, we see it for what it is; a GIANT wake up call for millions and millions of people. This is something we must be grateful for.

I know there are so many of you dear ones from the US who are my subscribers, who will read these words. I AM not saying you must just ignore this and act like it is not happening, not at all. But what I do wish to say, to those who are reading this, who are directly affected by the situation is; You are physically involved so you can have such a profound, positive affect, if you can remove yourself from the fear and worry that is running rampant.

If you are physically located in the US, then you can assist in creating such a positive energy to help all those trapped in fear. You need not go out and yell and shout. You need not go out and protest and demand change. You create the most potent change when you are calm and peaceful within.

Instead of thinking “Oh no. what is happening to our country!! Nothing is going to plan, this is terrible” Shift that thought or feeling to “Wow.. How lucky am I to be here in these moments of grate change? I AM so honoured to be on the earth at this time. I send so much love and blessings to my fellow brothers and sisters who are trapped in fear. I love you all.”

Wake up and be grateful for the area you live in, knowing you are so powerful and here to be a leader, to lead your fellow brothers and sisters out of fear. Be the shining example of what a Warrior is. A warrior that does not succumb to fear, manipulation or control. You do not need to go out and scream and shout this, not at all. You go out and move through your day with a smile on your face, with a heart full of love and compassion, unaffected by the burning chaos around you.

You may think “Yea right idiot, it is easy for you to say, to sit at your computer and write” But I tell you, it is not. It is not easy to see my fellow brothers and sisters acting out of fear and anger. To see people burning cities or chanting hateful speech, this goes for everyOne. Whether patriot, protestor, an ti fa or whomever. I do not enjoy seeing this division being played out, but I certainly do not let it pull me into worry or doubt of the future we will create.

Everyone is a Divine Child of God, whether patriot, an tifa, deep state or whatever. The thing is, do you not see these are still labels, a way and means to divide people? “Oh, screw that guy, he is an ti fa!” or “let’s burn this building, they support Tr um p”.

Are these not statements implying division and separation? Resulting in fear, worry or anger?

“If you support such and such, then you are evil” or “Why don’t you hate this person! Because if you don’t then you are the enemy”

It may not be easy for some to hear, but at the end of the day; it is all separation and division. Just what the darkness needs to survive and what so many, who are caught up in this, want to get rid of. But unfortunately, they too are so swept up in it, that they lose sight of what is really occurring.


On one level, there is a grand healing and awakening taking place. On another level, a game of divide and conquer is being enforced and amplified. It is up to each person to chose which aspect they perceive.


Whether you choose to see this as a grand awakening, a giant collective purge and healing that is coming from a place of great love and compassion. Or to see the world burning and going into chaos we are all doomed, and this is the end and on and on and on.

Therefore, your focus, thoughts and awareness must be carefully chosen and monitored constantly.

Am I choosing love or am I falling into fear? Am I choosing Oneness or am I choosing division? Do my actions help all my brothers and sisters, or do they help an agenda?

Show people trapped in fear that the IS a light at the end of the tunnel. That the IS still good, loving people in the world and that NO life is not going to be destroyed by a flu.

Be wise. Be in love and peace. Be in a place of constant gratitude. Be in a place of constant forgiveness. Be all these in you day and that is how we bring about beautiful change. Go inward daily and ask what can be done to better your life and the lives of those around you. Ask yourself what is there within that requires healing? What is within that I need to look at or change to better my life and the lives of those around me.

Listen and then act.

Do not act from a place of anger, frustration, fear or worry. Act from a place of love and oneness. It is from this space that we shift out of chaos and disorder.

Love and Blessings.



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