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In My Own Words – Zane

In My Own Words – Zane

Greetings everyone. I AM Zane and I wish to share some of my own words with you all today. I want to say that we are all headed in the right direction and that all is going to plan. Although many things seem out of alignment with where we are headed, our future is...

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Life Is Like Water – Water Sprites

Life Is Like Water – Water Sprites

Greetings dear ones, we are the Water Sprites. We come to this one as he sits by the stream, to deliver a simple, yet meaningful message. As you watch the water flow through a creek, it is much like observing the flow of your own life. Just from the picture above, you...

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We Are In This Together – Mother Earth

PLEASE NOTE - I will now be starting to provide the messages I channel in written format and also in a new audio format. For the audio format, my partner Jodie will be playing some of her instruments she is guided to, while reading out the message. This gives an...

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