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Greetings beloveds, I Am archangel Michael and it is on the wings of truth I greet you today.

In these coming moments, when the truth is known, there are to be many changes that will occur rather quickly. Many in your political sphere will disappear, those in your banking institutes and big business will fade away, and what this is, is a fading away of the old system, the old guard or the third dimension that was.

For the third dimension is no more dear ones, it is only as you give your attention to things that are of that space, then you will continue to manifest in that density. For what you focus on, you create. So those who are still based in fear and lack, will create exactly that. Those who focus on love and compassion, will bring love and compassion into their reality.

And so, it is as the truths are revealed, those of you who are aware of what is occurring, you must not focus on that which was, and that is what these truths are, they are of the old world, but first this old world must be transmuted in order for Gaia to fully let go of that program. So those of you, the Light Warriors and Workers, you must hold the vibration of love and compassion as these truths reveal, for as you know, they will be shocking and unimaginable to many. That is why you are all here in this moment, that is why you have already faced many of these truths head on. There are still to be truths revealed that will even surprise many of you reading this, I do not say this to cause fear, but rather to say that there is still much in the darkness.

The more you can hold the light, the more each and everyone one of you focus on the love and compassion that is within you, the quicker the light will be shone on these last remaining pockets of darkness. For the dark have all scampered into one corner we might say, they have all ran from the light and are now holding up in the few remaining pockets of darkness. So, it is now up to you all to illuminate this darkness, show them that hey cannot run from the light and if they do not turn to the light, then they shall be consumed by it. There are pockets in places you would not think likely, as you may have heard through another channel, there are pockets remaining in Asia and throughout Europe. They move where conflict is created. They are mostly removed from the Middle Eastern areas, but some remain, stubborn in their ways. Australia also still holds some of these bases.

And so, my dear Brothers and Sisters, you are to shine you lights bright across the globe and focus especially on the mentioned areas. For where there is chaos and destruction, they will be, for they are feeding off the fear and negative emotion generated from said chaos. The brighter your light shines, the quicker the darkness goes. So, it is your duty as a grounded one, to hold and anchor this light on the surface of the planet. Be in your heart and high heart as much as possible, this is your neutral zone, your zero point, where no judgement resides, only love and compassion for ALL, and I say ALL to also include those of the dark forces, for they mut be loved too. To judge them is do be them, dear ones. Be the God Source you are and love them unconditionally. The next move they make is their choice, but the more love and light that is sent to them and the areas they reside, the more likely they are to give up their positions, although this is not the most likely outcome. There are still many who will turn to the light, it will leave those remaining with little to no effect on the surface anymore.


So, the moral of my message; shine bright no matter the weather.


Be the love you came here to be, be the shining light for those still trapped in the old world. Shine your light bright, with as much love and compassion as you can muster up and with that intention, you will capture the attention of many of those around you. By just being you, by being who you are in your pure essence, is more than enough to shift this planet and grab the hand of those who are asking for help.

I Am Archangel Michael and it has been a pleasure to speak to you all today. I AM always with you, cutting through the darkness with my Flaming Blue Sword, call upon it if you feel stuck and need assistance, and it shall be so. I thank you all and I send my love and protection.

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