Greetings my dearest children, I Am Gaia or Mother Earth, as I have become know.

I Am so joyful to watch you all contribute to my rising and release. A rising back into the bliss and peace of the higher vibrations, and a release of that which no longer serves us on our journey. For it has been a long trek in your linear time. There have been many rises and falls, almost to the point of no return, but yet you, my precious children, held on to the light within and you said that no, humanity and Mother Earth are not going to fall again, we are going to rise! And rise we shall my dearest children.

It is through these waves of energy, that we will continue to rise, and it is through your hard work of transmuting all the old energy and releasing the old programming, that we are destined to rise, rise as a beacon of light that will shine across the Galaxy and out into the Universe.

It is as I rise to a certain point, I then wait for you to catch up, then, once you have almost caught up, I rise again, and so on until we reach the finish point, which is 5th dimensional frequency. Know that within the core of my Being, I Am already 5th dimensional and it is my surface that is playing catch up. As I myself rise and acclimate to the energies, you then do the same. For I must stay a step ahead as to hold the firm foundation for you all, to keep balance, as if it were all to occur at once, it would be too over-whelming and disaster would occur.

So, know that as you acclimate to one wave of energies, I have acclimated to another, and that will be the case until the final shift happens and all is then in alignment with my Self and the 5th dimensional vibrations. So, worry not dear hearts and know that I Am doing well as we all move through the shifts in leaps and bounds now.

It is as you integrate these energies and raise your frequency, you assist me and all those around you. The best thing you can do, to assist me in this moment, is to work on your own inner peace, harmony and raise your own vibration. It is very important that, as an individual on the Earth, you continue to work on you own inner world, because as you should all know, your reality reflects your inner world. And so, children, I ask that you assist me, by assisting yourself! It’s that simple in this present time. Yes, there is much rubbish and pollution that must be cleaned up, and that is happening and will happen more greatly once your Brothers and Sisters of the Stars can step in more fully. You can also assist in this way by picking up what ever rubbish you walk by, and then it is by demonstrating this act in public, you can hopefully reach the mind of another and then trigger them to do the same thing.

What I wish for you all to do, in this Now moment, is to be the BEST version of you that you can be! Bring in the light, ground the light and share the light dear ones, that is how I ask you assist me in this moment, by being your true Self. Bring in your essence that is pure and filled with love and joy, do not focus on the negative aspects of my surface world, but instead focus on all the positive things. My green grass, the beautiful trees and flowers, touch them, smell them, be them! Focus on my flowing rivers cleansing and clearing the mountain side, focus on my ocean being a playground for all my aquatic creatures, see my forests full of playful laughter, where animals are roaming free and living peacefully. Yes, there are still parts where destruction is happening, but do not let that weigh you down, for it will soon be non-existent along with all the other damage being done. So, know that in the very near future all this nonsense will be brought to a stop and then the work of reforestation will commence, and the pollution will be cleaned up.

So, the main priority I ask of you now dear ones, is to just be your Authentic Self. Be the best version of you possible, while grounding and anchoring the light and then all will begin to shift in your reality and you will be helping me so much more than if you were to be stressing about pollution and what’s happening in the destruction of my lands. Focus on what’s good and you will create good, that is my message to you children. Be the light and you will create the light.

I Am your Mother Gaia and I am ever so grateful for the work you do; I love you children


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