Greetings beloveds. We are the Sirian High Council, it is a pleasure to speak to you in this moment.

For we are eagerly watching, as your reality nears the crescendo where all is to tip in favour of what is right, what is honest and what is truth. For you have been plagued by the darkness for eon’s now, and as you know, this is to be no more.

There is much afoot now, much stirring within the collective consciousness, that is to bring on a major shift and propel you to the very tipping point, of the current stage of evolution. There are many behind the scenes now, that are ready to step forth and bring with them many truths. These truths have been held back from the public, held back from your awareness, all to serve an agenda of keeping you in a low state of consciousness, to keep you here in limited awareness, as a literal food source for that which is not of the Light, that which thrives on the lower vibrations that have been generated here, for far too long.

And so, it is as we watch you near this tipping, which is not far off, it is with great love we send you our blessings, our support and our energy to help you up the last part of this mountain, for a mountain it has been. We have seen and watched as countless lives have been taken, all for an agenda, as people starve and villages burn, all for the sake of clinging to a power structure of control and oppression, but alas, it is to be no more dear ones.

We have all been instructed, by Prime Creator, that we are to now move swiftly and diligently in the cleaning and clearing of your planet, we mean this in both energetic and entity clearings. For there are still pockets of darkness that remain, but with the directive of Prime Creator, we have now received the go ahead to begin the clearing and removal process of these final pockets. So, we ask that you sit tight and remain grounded as this occurs. There will be resistance, from those that do not wish to cooperate with the Light and who cling on to the structure of power over others, so there may be a few dark moments to come. This is not being said to cause fear or panic, yet we wish you to be aware of this. As the One Nee’Ka has said through this one in a previous message; that when these pockets of darkness are being released and cleared, there will be some of this that seeps out into the collective and onto the surface reality, but know, that this is all part of the clearing and releasing that must occur, for this planet and her peoples to move forward.

There is much anger, violence and suppression of the Divine Feminine that is to be released. This will occur over the coming month (April) and is to be an easy process if you let it be. Remember, things are only hard or tough if you let them be. You are the Creator of your reality, so you are responsible for how you receive and send energy. Know that many of you will become vessels for this healing, it is what you signed up for, before you entered this lifetime. Know that when wounds surface or you begin to feel a stirring of energy within, acknowledge it, but don’t let it become part of you, for it is being released through you, it is not of you. The more you can detach from these feelings and emotions, that surface as seeming random feelings of anger, sadness or guilt, know that these are not of your BEing, but they are being released through your vessel. This is all part of the healing of Gaia and the destruction that has been done on and within her.

You have no idea how close you are to the tipping point, the moment where all can shift in a very short moment. Yes, we speak here of the Event, or the Great Changeover. It is with your conscious effort and assistance, that we can clear these pockets of darkness, then the light shall finally overcome that which has been. This final push will be as easy or hard as you make it, you are the Creators and the ones who experience this reality, so it is up to each one of you to focus on love, harmony and peace. These are the vibrations that will see the tipping point reached. These are the emotions that will bring you into a place of balance and harmony, both within your BEing and within your reality.

You are in the final moments before lift-off and we, the Sirian High Council, your countless Galactic Brothers and Sisters and all the Company of Heaven stand by your side, and we mean literally by your side. Open your third eye beyond limiting beliefs and you shall see the welcoming party cheering you on.

Welcome to the final summit dear ones, the moment before you reach the point of neutrality. We are the Sirian High Council, we support you more than you can know and understand, but soon this is to be something you not only understand, but experience directly. We love and support you fully and unconditionally, kudos!

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