Greetings dearest ones I Am Archangel Metatron.

It is always a pleasure to share with you in these moments. The time is nearing where all is to shift in a favorable way for humanity. It is through this shift; you will open to so much more of who you are in essence and truth. For you have had a world created around you, that is built upon lies and illusion and it is through this, that you have created so many limiting beliefs upon yourself. So, as the energies coming to the planet prepare to transmit more light codes, these light codes will be directly related to who you are in essence, meaning, they will be specifically encoded with frequencies directly related to your I AM presence.

These have been specifically formatted, so everyone who is open and receptive, can access much more of their Creator Self.

These codes will begin to stream into your BEing around the end of September/early October. So, what you are going through now is a stage of purging and releasing. You are releasing the illusion and lies you have held within your BEing; from this lifetime and all the others you have lived upon the earth. Depending on how much old energy you hold within, depends on the way and severity of the release and purging. Those who have been on the earth for eons and hold much ancestral wounding within, will experience this in ways such as –

Extreme moments of emotional release such as crying, anger, frustration or sadness. Know that if you are triggered by events occurring around the planet, then these are helping you to release and purge these energies, so just allow. Allow yourself to have a good cry or a scream. What the one Zane does to assist with this is; to go into the ocean or water anywhere, dive under and have a good scream and yell. This way you are not affecting anyone around you or looking like you have gone insane by walking around your yard screaming and yelling. It is ok to feel like this, as these are the energies you have held in and need to release.

Many may experience very vivid dreams, that at time can feel like nightmares, or you may find yourself in very uncomfortable situations with people from your past that you may have felt wronged or judged you. Know, that you are releasing so much in your nightly travels, which appear in the way I have mentioned. Know, that once you awaken, then this experience is no longer with you and you need not stress or worry over it.

Many are also experiencing extreme anxiety and confusion. Felling very anxious to go to the shops or down the road, or very confused about your current life and situation.

There are many ways these experiences, emotions and energies are released and what I have mentioned are some of the main one’s people are experiencing. Depending what you have within, that needs to be released and purged, these experiences may intensify over the next week or two leading into the end of September. This is because the Creator Light that is constantly streaming into the planet and yourself, is for this purpose and is creating the triggers that are helping to bring these energies to the surface.

Please dear ones, do your best to let go of stress and worry. Many are worried that things will never shift and that it is only getting worse, and for a time, yes, it will get worse as the energies exiting Gaia herself intensify, for a final release and purge. Doing this on a personal level also continues the process on a collective level, this is why you see so much turmoil in the present moment, for there is so many atrocities and war that MUST be released, from yourself and the Earth, so the energies of the Solar Flash can have the desired effect.

I, Archangel Metatron, ask you now to remain calm and in your heart. There is much disinformation being sent out, along with the negative energies they contain. Pay no attention to what does not truly resonate within your heart, for much of the bad intel comes with bad energy. Therefore, if you sit with it, in your heart space, and it does not feel good, let it go. The more you can let go and detach from what is occurring, the easier this process will be. Therefore, the coming energies are coded to specifically reawaken your I Am Presence within and to assist you in remembering who you are at a Soul level.

They will greatly assist you in moving beyond your limiting thoughts or feelings of being stuck in a physical vessel, feeling disconnected from your truth. These codes will be available for all who are open to them. They will activate many memories of who you are and where you have been on your Soul Journey, helping you to speak and express your truth, while shining your light across the world.

These may be memories of –

A certain planet you call home, and the family who are there supporting you.

Times you have been in council meetings or teaching at one of the many universities that are spread across the Universe. Get it, Universe/Universities? One giant cosmos of learning and growth.

Many of you will now also begin to fully understand your various missions and reasons for being here. Most of you have some understanding of this, but you will begin to understand on a deeper level, how you as an individual, affect the whole.

As I have stated, many of you are already having these experiences and memories, but you will begin to understand and integrate them at a much deeper and conscious level. As more of your truth enters your body, you can understand and contemplate this from a Soul level.

You have so much beauty and harmony ahead, but first, the old energies of the times gone by, must be released and fully let go of. For you cannot integrate who you truly are, until you let go of who you have been conditioned to think you are.

Dear ones, the dark ones who have been controlling this expression are no longer in control. What you are seeing is desperation and confusion from them. They are lost and acting as such, but you all knew they would cause as much chaos and confusion before they fully depart, but do not see it as this. Instead, see the awakening it is causing, and in truth, it is having the opposite effect that these ones intended. They can only be in control if you think they are. The more you claim your sovereignty as a Creator BEing, expressing on a physical plane, the quicker the old paradigm will shift and crumble. This is what you are witnessing, the old system collapsing and imploding, and this is something to celebrate, not fear.

All is well dear ones. Remain calm and in peace, this is when you will have constant light streaming into your BEing, and you will not be affected by the chaotic energies that are swirling.

It is through peace and stillness that you can easily process and release what I have mentioned above.

Trust, that when the timing is right, all will be revealed and there will be no more shadows for the truth to hide in. All will be made visible in perfect Divine Time. It is much more complicated than you can imagine regarding timing of this process. Your greatest tool in this moment is trust. Trust that all is going according to the Divine Plan and you will always remain in Divine Light.


I Am Archangel Metatron. I look forward to working with you all as these coming codes and downloads are released. May the Light of Creation always guide your way.

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