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Gratitude and thanks to all our dear brothers and sisters who visit my site and read the messages I AM able to share. I just want to note for those who didn’t receive my email, from now on I will begin to bring through a message from the Sirian High Council each Sunday, this will be known as Sirian Sundays 😊 This is my first official message in this new journey we will begin. I have been told, that once we choose to align with this offering, that we will amplify and strengthen our connection to Sirius and our Galactic Families. The messages will vary, as I will write what ever the High Council wishes to share in the moment. We hope you begin and enjoy this new journey with us, as we are all ready to step forward into new realms and experiences.

Also note, I have disabled comments for my posts as I have been receiving massive amounts of spam and don’t have enough time to sort through it all. If you wish to contact me, please send an email to – and I will happily reply 🙏

Peace, love and blessings to you all.

Zane and the Sirian High Council.




Greetings dear Ones, we are the Sirian High Council. We are pleased to have this opportunity to share with you again.

As we have been suggesting to the one Zane, we wish to create a service for you all. One where we can share with you on a weekly basis. The messages will be of support and guidance, as you move through your Ascension process. What we wish to offer are insights into the current situations on and off planet, as well as energies and tools that will support your journey.

What we are now to commence is, a strengthening of our connection to the one Zane, which he is then able to share with you. What this will do is; begin to unify and reconnect those of you, who are guided to these messages, with the energies of your Sirian and Galactic families.

Firstly, we would like to thank you all for your continued dedication and support of your own ascension process, and the ascension of beloved Gaia. Thank you dear ones, for without you, this process would simply not occur. It is through your pursuit of finding your own inner truth, which is propelling your planet forward, into a space of oneness and unity. This is where you are now.

You are all becoming acquainted to your inner truth, the truth of who you are in essence, the bigger truth you extended from, to be in this reality. It is not an easy journey dear ones, and you knew this would be the case. But you also knew how much love, support and guidance would be with you through every step of this journey. You knew you would wake up in the illusion, seemingly separated from your brothers and sisters, both on and off planet. But you also knew deep down, that this is not the truth.

So, our dearest family, what we offer through this message today is; an opportunity to speed up your remembrance of your true Self, the loved ones you left behind, and the vast systems you travelled from. You are fast approaching the turning point, where things can no longer deteriorate, but only improve, at a fast pace we will say. We wish to assist in this process of your remembrance, that of your inner truth, and the memory of your dear brothers and sisters of the stars.

We offer you the following invocations, accompanied with light codes and energies, to support your process of remembrance. We will offer this in two parts.


Invocation to remember and realize your inner truth –

“I now call upon my truth. I call upon my eternal love and light. I invoke my true essence to return to my conscious knowing self. I ask that my truth be revealed to me, so I may anchor it within my physical vessel. I do this in service of my personal ascension, the ascension of Gaia and the planet. And it is so.”  


Invocation to remember your beloved families and friends of the stars –

“I now call upon my Galactic Presence. I call upon my Galactic Heritage. I call upon my Galactic Ancestors and loved ones. I call your presence to me now in the highest love and light. I ask and give permission for your presence to return to my conscious knowing self. I ask and command that my Higher Self returns the memories of my loved ones of the stars. I ask that this be done in the highest love and light and in the best possible way for the current stage of my journey. I give love, thanks and gratitude to all that assist me along the way. And it is so.”


Dear ones, what we have now created is a stream of light codes and energies that are connected to these two invocations. It is up to you to work with them in whatever way you feel guided. Please know, that this does not necessarily mean you will be physically contacted by your loved ones straight away, each person will experience this in the way most suitable to them. What this will do, is create an energy that is to allow your Higher Self and your loved ones to commence a new process of merging and integrating these memories and truths into your conscious self.

Some of you may certainly begin to see more of your loved ones, whether in energetic form or through visions and flashes of images into your consciousness. You may experience greater moments of bliss and clarity when your true essence is expressing through you. There may be vivid dreams where you are with your loved ones or communing with your higher self. Know, that these are only some of the ways in which these invocations express into your life, so do not limit yourself to only these. The ways in which these will work are endless, as you are all having a unique experience, that is tailored to suit your needs for growth and learning.

WE feel we have given enough today, and we ask that you work with these over the coming week. We suggest you may like to print them out, put the on your bathroom mirror and say them in the morning and night. What this will do is reflect to you, that which you are calling forth. The most important part is to trust. Trust that these invocations will give you what is best suited to you in the moment. Know that the energies are put into motion once you commit to this process.

We are the Sirian High Council. We enjoy sharing these tools and energies with you, for we see you are all eager to remember your loved ones and activate your true Creator Essence.

We send our love, peace and blessings.


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