Greetings dear Earth Children, I Am Saint Germain and I greet you on the wings of the Violet Flame.

Know dear ones that all is not as it seems, there is much occurring behind the scenes that will soon be brought to light, be brought into the open for all who wish to acknowledge it and accept it as truth. As you who read these messages are well aware, there is much occurring on the Earth plane now that is to forever alter this realm.

Know dear hearts that we are well in control and the seeming mishaps that appear in your MSM are nothing but last thrashes of a beast that is no more. They seek to keep you misinformed, they seek to keep the wool over your eyes as you like to say. This is how they have maintained control, but that is no longer to be the tale.

As you step forth into your new year know that you are about to witness many beautiful changes, changes that I know personally a lot of you had hoped to see last year. This is due to the dark ones and their minions that love to delay and obstruct the light. Know, deep within your heart, that the time for delay is fast coming to an end. You are to witness a historic announcement in the months ahead and you are to witness miracles unfold around you as truth is brought to light. But know that these truths will not be easy for some to swallow and that is where you, the ones who have been seeking truth for many years, that is where your hard work is to come into play.

You are the way showers, the ones on the front line, digging through the dross and despair to find the truth hidden under all the camouflage the dark ones had put over it. But you have always known there is more than what your MSM and mainstream science gives you, you are aware these are constructs of those who seek to control. Know that you have allies on the inside, they have all been strategically placed so that when the time is right and safe to do so they will step forth with truth’s that will shock the majority in to a state of awareness that has not been experienced since the fall of Atlantis.

It is time for the masses to awaken from their slumber dear ones and you will all be standing by ready to assist them and transmute their fear and shock with my Violet Flame. Know that you have the Company of Heaven and all of your Galactic and Agarthan family standing right beside you. You have more help than you could poke a stick at. We have always been with you and you are about to come to a deeper understanding of that truth, of that reality. I Am Saint Germain and I Am ever so excited to watch the coming days unfold. I love you all, may you carry the Violet Flame with you along the path you travel.
PLEASE NOTE: All channelled messages remain the property of the author. These messages may be shared as long as they are not edited in any way and a link to the original post is shared with the message.
Thank you for understanding. Love and Light Zane

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