Greetings dear Earth Hearts, I AM EnReeTah of the Arcturian council, and I wish to share my words with you today.

Many of you have been asking for more awareness, more understanding, of what is occurring within and around you. You have been trying to understand and comprehend, the changes that are occurring, and at times, this baffles and confuses you.

So, what I wish to offer today is, an exercise that may help you resolve this issue a little easier, to bring you to a place of understanding and clarity.


Take a moment now to still yourself… Breathe in a beautiful bright white light and let it fill your being… See it filling all of your cells and all of your organs as you breathe in, then as you breathe out, let go of the worry, the doubt, the confusion and just be… Just let this beautiful white light fill your body, continue this until you feel all of your BEing is now filled with this brilliant light, and all the worry and stress has left.. Now, just sit with this for a moment, feel the peace within you and also around you, feel comfortable, free of the worry and stress… just be at peace within yourself, within you physical vehicle… And now, when you feel ready, see a beautiful green light start to shine in your heart centre, see it as a beautiful emerald green as it starts to grow bigger and brighter… once you have a strong sense of this beautiful green light, take your awareness into it, move into your heart space and into this beautiful emerald green.. Once you are there, just find yourself at peace, stillness, calm and centred. When you are feeling nice and relaxed here, you notice that you are sitting on a nice comfy chair, feeling very relaxed and safe.. You now notice that there is another chair sitting in front of you that appears empty… focus on the comfort of your own chair and also the empty chair in front of you.. Now, as you are observing this empty chair, you notice that there is someone coming towards you from behind this chair.. You see them slowly approaching and realise this is your Higher Self coming to sit with you… Let your Higher Self appear however you wish to, as you approach the chair and sit down… You are now in the safe space of your heart centre, the core of your BEing, and you are here with your Higher Self, your I AM Presence, you are now able to chat freely without any interruptions.. Talk with your Higher Self, ask for help to understand what is occurring within and around you, ask this and then just listen, what ever answers come through, are the right ones for you in this moment, do not doubt them dear ones… Talk with your Higher Self for as long as you are able or feel comfortable doing so. Ask if there is any information, they wish you to know or if there is a certain message for you. Be open and receptive to the answers, and most importantly TRUST! Trust you are receiving clear guidance and that you are being told what is most relevant for you in this moment.. Stay here as long as you like, then once you are done, give gratitude and thanks to yourself for coming here and talking and thank your Heart Centre, for holding the space for this to occur.. Then when you are ready, simply return your awareness back into your body and open your eyes.

Write if you feel the need, as some things may slip out of your awareness. I hope this easy practice, will help you to find clarity and understanding in your present moment, and is able to bring some guidance and relief. Use this practice as often as you need, and know you are in a safe space within yourself, where only the truth resides. I AM happy to be able to share this exercise with you, and I do hope it can be a useful tool for you and your journey.

I AM EnReeTah, of the Arcturian Council and I enjoy sharing these words with you, in the hope they may benefit all those who read them. I leave you with my peace, love and blessings.


Please Note – The above image is from Vashta Narada. It is not of EnReeTAh but is the Arcturians to give you an idea of how She appears to me.

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