Greetings dear heart, I Am Ash’Tar’Ka’Ree and I greet you as preparations are now in place to give you all a leap forward on your individual journeys.

This leap will allow many of you, who are still struggling with old programming, to be able to let it go more easily and move beyond it. For we understand, that it is not an easy task to just shift out of the programming that is so deep within the Collective and your own cellular structure. This leap will help provide you with energies, that are able to help dissolve and remove these programs from your entire Being, as they are embedded deep in your cellular structure.

The main thing you need to do is believe, trust and allow this to happen. It will be a process that will be done during your sleep state and that will continue for a day or two after you call it in, depending on what programs you have running and how deep they go. For some of you they may be almost completely clear, and some of them may still be buried within your Four Body System, some you may not even be aware it is a program that’s running and causing you grief.

And so, what I Ash’Tar’Ka’Ree and Lord Sananda wish to offer, is a release from some, if not all of these last programs that may continue to disrupt your journey forward. And so, all you need to do, is before you go to sleep at night, once you are in a comfortable place in bed, say the following –

“Commander Ash’Tar’Ka’Ree and Lord Sananda, I now call forth your presence. I ask and allow you to be with me tonight and I give you permission to help remove any old programming and beliefs that are still within my four body system, I ask that this be done in the highest Divine Light and in the best possible way, to serve my entire Being and true authentic self. I allow for this process to take place and for you to work with me, as it continues. I thank you and I love you. So it is”

And it is that simple dear ones, but the key here is to allow. You may have unpleasant thoughts, feelings or emotions arise and may even have slight physical symptoms ranging from a slight cold to itchy or red marks on your skin as these things are released from your Being. Just allow and know that if you have called this in it is just part of the process. Document any occurrences and share them with others if you feel so, as it will help people also understand what programs they may have running. Know that once you have called this in we will be with you until the process is complete. I Am Ash’Tar’Ka’Ree and I shall see you when we begin the work.

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